HONORED to be invited back on Capitol Hill to be part of a panel at the Department of Education and speak at a round table discussion with Faith Based leaders from Dept. Education, Commerce, Homeland Security, Labor respectively and others including ministry leaders and school officials on the pressing issue of opioid epidemic, human trafficking [...]


Nearly 20 years ago, God gave me a vision at a dark time in my life and ministry. Ironically, it was "officially" starting and I had already been ministering since a child but while the ink was still drying on my ordination it seemed like things were falling apart. Satan was already trying to derail God's [...]


  MEET NICK:   This brother, Nick Hall has an amazing assignment from the Lord. Since youth, he has been telling anyone and everyone about the Lord. God opened incredible doors for him to speak on campus while a student and that spread to a movement on multiple college campuses. After seeing firsthand how the [...]


Kenny and "Chopper" were two brothers. They were adopted and frequented the church I came to faith in JESUS as a child. They were African American and I was born into a middle class white family. Together we were "ebony and ivory." We were brothers in Christ and I looked up to them in more [...]


  Sorry for slight delay in posting. Just in last month and half I have been blessed to minister coast to coast and just returned this weekend from preaching in Caribbean with my dear friend and Grammy Winner, Michael English. We were honored to reunite with Gospel Cruise Fest and for the week we saw [...]


For the past two months on my ministry e-letters and social media I have been reminding folks of the "SON OF GOD" movie that hits over 3,000 theaters nation-wide tomorrow on Friday, February 28, 2014! Since childhood, I love going to the theater and enjoy trailers promoting future films but my favorite is the poster [...]


On New Year's Eve 2013 - New Year's Day 2014 it was my honor to be a small part of what God did BIG this past week at my friend, Dean Forrest annual BIG GOD Conference in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Ironically, on New Year's Eve last year I was help ushering in the New [...]