Regardless, if helping the homeless or counseling Heads of State; Frank Shelton GLOBAL exists to shine a Light and help humanity reach their God given potential. We at FSG are all about TEAM and together we accomplish much more than alone. Our mission is to minister to the poor but also the powerful and anyone in between because everyone needs occasional assistance, direction and encouragement. Our primary sole purpose is seeing souls saved and we assist in various projects and different venues to accomplish Kingdom growth.

And He gave some, apostles; and some, prophets; and some, evangelists; and some, pastors and teachers; For the perfecting of the saints, for the work of the ministry, for the edifying of the body of Christ (Eph 4:11).”

Frank Shelton, Jr. is a child of God. He is a best-selling author and his latest book URGENCY released summer 2021 was #1 new release @ Amazon for Christianity/Evangelism. Frank ministers across America and around the globe at various venues impacting lives for God’s glory. He has addressed millions on television, preached three years in a row to over 118,000 at Nelson Mandela National Soccer Stadium in Uganda, Africa. By God’s grace, Frank has seen firsthand thousands repent of sin and trust Christ by faith as Lord and Savior. Frank speaks at churches, conferences, city-wide crusades, outdoor festivals, school assemblies and other outlets sharing the love of God and has a burden for lost souls and considered both a revivalist and harvester. Danny Daniels, former staff @ Saddleback Church (Best Man in Rick Warren’s wedding) in California noted: “I don’t know anyone in America with a greater anointing and gift for evangelism than Frank Shelton.” After working two decades on Capitol Hill, he left the pay, prestige and perks of government to be a global evangelist and missionary. His television program #ByFaith with Frank Shelton airs weekly to over 310 Million homes across America, Europe & Africa on DirecTV, DISH Network,  Christian Television Network, NOW Network, cable, Roku among others.  Regardless, if at a country or mega church he has a gift to connect with almost any audience. He’s a fifth generation Washingtonian (DC) and has a passion for God &  people.

From 2015 – March 2019, Frank served as Washington, DC/ Maryland & Delaware State Coordinator with Billy Graham Evangelistic Association. He assisted in TEN states for Franklin Graham’s DECISION AMERICA TOUR  coast to coast and helped mobilized thousands of Christians and hundreds of churches to attend and share their faith. Frank has appeared several times on national television and was a guest on FOX NEWS in their NY, Washington DC & Dallas, TX studios discussing politics and religion and appeared on “HANNITY,” Lauren Green’s “Spirited Debate” and interviewed by Kimberly Guiloyle. Frank was tapped International Evangelism Chairman of 2012 Olympics outreach in London, England with LWFCI and “Olympian of Century” Carl Lewis and 2016 Olympics outreach in Rio de Janiero, Brazil and serving again for upcoming 2020 Olympics in Tokyo, Japan. In 2018, Frank gave the keynote at Emmanuel Theological Seminary in Kota, India and was awarded an honorary Doctor of Divinity. However, he believes testimony is greater than title and character more important than credentials.

He shares HUMOR, celebrity impressions and scores resonate with his unique way to preach and note he is a gifted story-teller. God commands that we make disciples not just decisions and for 20 years Southern Maryland Christian Academy has had Frank speak at chapel. For the past three years, he is tasked to write the entire curriculum for their junior and senior high and weekly speaks into over 200 students and staff. He is school chaplain and both preaches, invites guests and writes the bi-monthly small group lessons. He also leads a weekly Bible study in the State Capitol to legislators inviting and ministering to politicians of both political parties and true power is not in government but God. Frank has also been a blog contributor with The Christian Post  and part of NGA with Dr. Luis Palau and serves on Advisory Board of Praisefest Ministries “Cruise with a Cause” along with Josh McDowell and he’s preached on all four of their cruises. Over 39,000 souls repented and received Christ on those cruises to Bahamas and Jamaica with Haiti planned in future. He also served in the past as a volunteer White House Press Correspondent attending the Daily Press Briefings for a Christian news outlet and has ministered on the street to speaking at stadiums but it is still for an Audience of One.  Frank is married to his best friend, Ruth and they have two children, Hannah Grace & Andrew Lincoln residing in Southern Maryland. Frank is just as comfortable ministering in a country church and his desire is to reach one more Christ before its too late. Regardless, if sharing the Gospel on “HANNITY,” Hollywood, homeless or Capitol Hill’s most prominent politicians he longs that everyone will encounter a personal relationship with JESUS!

Frank is ideal:

* Harvest Sunday
* YOUTH RALLY, Camps or DNOW – Frank was VP of National Christian Youth Speakers Network
* Booked TWICE to speak at “IRON SHARPENS IRON” Men’s Conference
* Speaker TWICE @ SIX FLAGS AMERICA for “Faith Day” w/ Jeremy Camp & Avalon
* Preached TWO years in row @ BIG GOD Conference w/ BIG DADDY WEAVE, Hawk Nelson and ‘For King & Country’
* Revival – City Wide Outreach
* FCA or school assemblies
* Pastor/Evangelism Conference – Frank preached February 2014 @ TX Evangelism Conf w/ Dr Herb Reavis
* Spoke twice to 7,000 at Youth Evangelism Conf w/ David Nasser, Sam Glenn & Rebecca St James
* Preached on all 5 “Praisefest Cruise with a Cause” w/ Josh McDowell @ Bahamas & Jamaica – 39,000 souls saved
* Nationally endorsed w/ UPWARDS & Compassion International
* Founder of Celebrate Jesus! Crusades
* NGA evangelist member w/ Evangelist Luis Palau
* International Evangelism Chairman 2012 Olympics Outreach w/ LWFCI – London, England & 2016 Olympics in Rio, Brazil
* Staff Evangelist @ The Fellowship Church – White Plains, MD (Preached chapel @ SMCA since 1996)

* FOX NEWS guest on religion/politics

* TBN (JCTV) invited Frank to be closing speaker at their telethon w/ Clayton King in Santa Ana, CA
* TBN invited Frank four times to preach for their ‘Praise the Lord” Share A Thon @ Philadelphia, PA studios

* Trinity Broadcast Network – Praise The Lord (2014 & 2016) – New York City & Costa Mesa, CA

* TBN (JUCE TV) asked Frank to co-produce a TV show airing nationwide during COV19 w/ Tony Nolan, Colton Dixon & John from Skillett – Nationwide – April 2020
* Wheaton Evangelism Conference 2015 Preached on main stage @ Wheaton College w/ Will Graham, SBC President Ronnie Floyd, Jefferson Bethke, Jon Bloom in Illinois

* ATLANTA FEST – Preached w/ TobyMac, Jeremy Camp, MercyMe, Natalie Grant, Building 429 & Tony Nolan – June 2016



Frank trusted Christ as his personal Lord and Savior at age seven (1979), read the entire Bible by eighth grade (1985) and desires daily to see saints revived and souls restored. At age 10, he had such a burden for friends without Christ that in 1982, he brought 22 kids to Vacation Bible School in one week! Several trusted Christ and still in church today 30 years later. Frank honored God in youth and the Lord promoted him in life. He was the President of Student Government in junior high (800 students), played Varsity Basketball and crowned Prom King by peers his senior year of high school out of 1,200 students. He made a decison to care more what God in Heaven thought than friends on earth and he desired early on to please God choosing to abstain from alcohol, drugs and pre-marital sex. He wasn’t perfect but promoted The One who is. Frank was elected President of Student Christian Fellowship at junior college and went on to be named 2011 Distinguished Alumni from Gardner-Webb University in Boiling Springs, North Carolina. He was one of the youngest ever to attend the Billy Graham School of Evangelism in Monterey, CA (1999) and while working in Washington, DC took courses online via New Orleans Theological Seminary and three times was a guest lecturer at Washington Bible College. Frank loves how Jesus found favor in the eyes of both God and man. In childhood, Frank daydreamed about doing three things with his life: Politics, Protect the President or Preach the Gospel around the world. By his 35th birthday, God used Frank to pursue all three vocations. God elevated him to work 17 years on Capitol Hill at some of the highest levels of government (bi-partisan floor staff of United States Senate, aide to Governor of Maryland, Special Assistant and speechwriter to Member of Congress in the House Leadership, fundraiser for national party and volunteered on occasion in the Presidential Correspondence Office of both (Clinton & George W Bush White House, respectively) and on July 27, 2007, walked away completely “by faith” from the pay, prestige and retirement of Washington, D.C. to preach the Gospel as an itinerant preacher travelling locally, nationally and globally to share the Word with the world.

To date, Frank has served as a youth pastor, Minister of Evangelism, Senior Pastor, VP of National Christian Youth Speakers Network and now an international evangelist residing in Southern Maryland with his wife, Ruth and two children. He is a nationally endorsed speaker with both UPWARDS and Compassion International but more importantly a child and called of God. Frank Shelton points people far from God to a personal relationship with JESUS, The Christ. He has co-authored six books and his three most recent books ‘CAREER VS CALLING’ (2007), ‘BLESSEDNESS OF BROKENNESS’ (2012) and ‘CARRYING GREATNESS’ (2014) have blessed others. Sheila Walsh of ‘Women of Faith,” Meadowlark Lemon of Harlem Globetrotters, Antony Tchividjian (Dr. Billy Graham’s grandson), Pastor Matthew Barnett of L.A. Dream Center and Evangelist Junior Hill wrote the foreword to his recent releases. Frank’s sole mission is souls and his desire is to honor God in life and death. EVANGELISM and DISCIPLESHIP are the two oars that row his boat. Regardless, if a city-wide crusade, Sunday Service, old fashioned revival, D-NOW, youth conference, outdoor festival, men’s retreat, God & Country rally, sharing his testimony on world-wide television or one of his frequent appearances on FOX NEWS to discuss Biblical Truth; Frank has a God given gift to “dial in” to those disconnected from God and hung up in life. Jesus is the greatest story-teller and Frank paints a picture with words that grab the audience focus on an attention lacking culture and points them to a personal, vibrant walk with Almighty God. A “speaker” is something that you can get at Radio Shack. Frank Shelton is much more than a “speaker” but a Spirit-led servant and soul-winner. Frank serves on advisory board of Praisefest Ministries – “Cruise with a Cause” with Josh McDowell and in five cruises they have seen 39,000 come to faith in Christ. In 2011, Frank is a member of NGA (Next Generation Alliance) with Evangelist Luis Palau. The Bible says “your gift will make room for you and bring you before kings and great men.” Frank has a passion for God and Country and his dad was a fourth generation D.C. police officer in the Shelton Family. Frank once considered a job with the U.S. Secret Service but realized he had a message and couldn’t keep it a “secret.” His father, Frank Shelton, Sr retired Deputy Chief of the United States Capitol Police in Washington, D.C. and his ancestor was on duty at Ford’s Theater, Good Friday 1865, the very evening President Abraham Lincoln was assassinated. Frank’s ancestor carried President Lincoln across the street the night he died. Frank’s family friend was an honorary pallbearer at Elvis Presley’s funeral in 1977, but he knew as a child that the real honor is not carrying “The King of a Nation” or “King of Rock n Roll” but “King of ALL kings” by our life and lips. It’s one thing to carry greatness but eternally different when Greatness (God) carries you! Frank was recently tapped International Evangelism Chairman for Lay Witnesses For Christ 2012 Olympics Outreach in London, England with “Olympian of the Century” Carl Lewis. God’s grace enables Frank to speak at various venues and ideal for Sunday services, students and singles. Frank has addressed audiences IN PERSON as large 7,000 TWICE at Virginia Baptist Evangelism Conference with Sam Glenn, David Nasser & Rebecca St James and shared his testimony numerous times on world-wide television. It was never for crowds but Christ. All ministry is “BIG” with a pure heart and obedience to His will.


The Gospel is “GOOD NEWS.” While we were yet sinners Christ died for us. Frank Shelton, Jr preaches Christ born of a virgin, lived a sinless life and crucified not for His sins but ours, risen from dead and coming again in great power! Jesus is not a way to Heaven but “The Way, The Truth and The Life” (John 14:6). Under Heaven, there is no other name given among men whereby we must be saved (Acts 4:12). It is via the cross that we can come to Christ “by faith” and God’s great grace (Eph 2:8-9). The message of God and the ministry of the evangelist is not only a gift to Body of Christ but a TREAT not a threat.

MINISTERED: (Shared the stage)

* Aaron & Amanda Crabb, Adam Crabb, Alex Kendrick, Andre Crouch, Anthony Evans, Avalon, Ayiesha Woods, Audio Adrenaline, Ayiesha Woods, Babbie Mason, Barlow Girl, Big Daddy Weave, Bishop Paul S Morton, Buddy Mullins, Building 429, Byron Gage, Carl Lewis, Casting Crowns, Clay Crosse, Clayton King, Ce Ce Winans, Danny Gokey, David Crowder Band, David Edwards, David Nasser, David Phelps, DecembeRadio, Dr David Ring, Dennis Swanberg “THE SWAN,” Donnie McClurkin, Dr Emir Caner, Dr Ergun Caner, Erik Estrada “CHiPs”, Ernie Haase, For King & Country, Fred Hammond, HAWK NELSON, Dr Herb Fitzpatrick, Dr. Herb Reavis, Jamey Ragle, Jars of Clay, Jason Crabb, Jefferson Bethke, John Gray, Dr. Johnny Hunt, Dr. John Morgan, John Waller, Josh McDowell, John Rulapaugh, Josh Shipp, Evangelist Junior Hill, Kari Jobe, Kerrie Roberts, Dr Lloyd Ogilvie (Chaplain of US Senate), Hezekiah Walker, Kutless, Larnelle Harris, Lauren Green (Fox News), Lecrae, Lex Luger, Lynda Tait-Randle, Marc Mero, Mark Burnett (Survivor) Mary Mary, Matt Brown, Matthew West, Meadowlark Lemon, MercyMe, Michael English, Michael Tait (NEWSBOYS), Natalie Grant, Newsong, Nicole C Mullen, Nikita Koloff, Palmetto State Quartet, Pastor Frank Santora, Pastor Matthew Barnett, Patrick Dopson, Ralph Reed (Christian Coalition), Randy Hogue, Rebecca St James, RED, Dr Rick Scarborough, Evangelist Rick Stanley, Roma Downey (Touched By An Angel) Dr. Ronnie Floyd (SBC President), Russ Taff, Sam Glenn, Sean Hannity, Selah, Skillet, SONICFLOOd, Tammy Trent, Thousand Foot Krutch, Dr Tim Lee, TobyMac, Dr  Tony Evans, Tony Nolan, Tony Perkins, 33 Miles, Will Graham, ZOEgirl, Zoro The Drummer & countless others!


Defense wins championships in sports but OFFENSE builds the Kingdom regarding souls. Frank is an evangelist and encourager partnering with clergy and local churches to ADVANCE God’s Kingdom. He is a servant as much as a speaker and has the heart of a shepherd but the fire of an evangelist. ASSIST pastors in helping fulfill God’s vision for the church to go and grow to the next level with the Lord. ACTIVELY inspiring Christians to share their faith with a lost and dying world. We may not all be preachers or teachers but we are commanded by Christ to be “reachers.” APATHY has no room in the church today and God uses Frank powerfully to extract complacency while reminding all to focus on Christ, being faithful, fruitful and follow through with the will of God for their lives. Shelton is more than a communicator but a catalyst/conduit to help Christians grow deeper in discipleship, experience JOY in their journey with Jesus, rediscover power of prayer while equipping saints to learn the thrill of leading others to the Lord. Frank is a SOUL WINNER and exists to LIFT UP Jesus, local church, the pastor, Christians’ and a future generation of servants whom will serve the Savior as soldiers in the Lord’s Army.

MEDIA: – Frank has appeared

* FOX NEWS (political/religion) – ON AIR @ Capitol Hill, NYC & Dallas, TX

* “Hannity” panel guest – Fox News Studios – New York City

* Billy Graham Evangelistic Association – Charlotte, North Carolina

* Trinity Broadcast Network (TBN) – “Praise the Lord” TV – New York City, NY / Philadelphia, PA / Santa Ana, CA & Costa Mesa, CA
* Daystar TV – “Celebration” – Dallas, TX
* Harvest TV – South Bend, IN
* Christian Television Network (CTN10) – Punta Gorda, Fort Myers & Naples, FL
* Family Net Radio / “In Touch” Studios – Atlanta, GA
* BAPTIST LIFE – Columbia, MD
* JC TV – Worldwide
* C-SPAN – Washington, DC
* SKY ANGEL TV – Naples, FL
* Moody Radio – Chicago, IL
* ROLL CALL – Capitol Hill Newspaper
* Gov Sarah Palin Radio – Frank was a guest for 14 min on Pres. Reagan’s 101 birthday
* Babbie Mason’s TV Show – Atlanta, GA
* Liberty Journal – Lynchburg, VA
* WJLA Channel 7 NEWS – Washington, DC
* ATLANTA LIVE TV (WA-TC 57) – Norcross, GA
* American Family Radio – Richmond, VA / Tupelo, MS
* TCT – “Rejoice” TV – Marion, IL
* Charlotte Observer – NC
* Ledger Enquirer Newspaper – Columbus, GA
* WDJC 93.7 FM – Birmingham, AL (Called in for a year as weekly guest – largest Christian radio in AL)
* The Maryland Independent – Waldorf, MD
* Clay County Times Democrat – Piggott, AR
* Shelby Star – North Carolina
* Continental News – Paris, France
* Emerging Evangelists – Minneapolis, MN
* Christianity Today – Perth, Australia
* Gadsden Times – Gadsden, Alabama
* Farmington News – Missouri
* Southern Maryland Business Journal
* NGA – Luis Palau Ministries – Portland, OR
* Florida Gazette
* Baltimore Sun Newspaper – Maryland
* Sullivan Daily Times – Sullivan, IN
* Dr Beth Show – Atlanta, GA
* Sharon Hinton Smith’s TV – Fayettville, NC
* Reflections TV w/ Paul Ladato – Fort Myers, FL
* THE WEBB – Gardner Webb Univ publication – Boiling Springs, NC


* Trusted Christ at age 7 / brought 22 kids to VBS (age 10) in 1982
* Read entire Bible by 8th grade – (1985)
* President of Student Govt – John Hanson Middle School – Waldorf, MD – 1985-86
* Prom King of Thomas Stone H.S. – Waldorf, MD (1990)
* President of Christian Student Fellowship – Charles County Comm College – 1991-1993
* Appt by U.S. Senate Sergeant at Arms to be bi-partisan floor staff of US Senate – Wash D.C. – Apr 1995
* Gardner-Webb University – Boiling Springs, NC (B.A.) – 1996
* Constituent Liaison/Special Assistant/Speechwriter – House Majority Leader U.S. Rep Steny Hoyer (MD) – ’96-2000
* Ordained into Gospel Ministry – Cresthill Baptist – Bowie, MD – Aug 1998
* Billy Graham School of Evangelism in Monterey, CA – 1999
* Minister of Evangelism – Dunkirk Baptist Church in MD – 1999-2001
* VP of National Christian Youth Speakers Network – 2000-2004
* Assistant to Director of Federal Relations – Office of Maryland Governor – 2000-2001
* Volunteer Presidential Correspondence Office @ The White House (President Clinton & George W Bush) – ’99-2004
* Fundraiser/Membership Service @ Republican National Committee – Washington, DC – 2001-2005
* Advisory Board Member of AMERICAS HEROES OF FREEDOM – Washington, DC – 2002 – 2008
* Founder of Celebrate Jesus! Crusades – 2005 – 2007
* Recruit Officer/Internal Affairs/Office of Chief – US Capitol Police – Washington, DC – 2006-2007
* After working 17 years on Capitol Hill walked away to “do work of an evangelist” – July 2007
* Endorsed & active member Conf of So Baptist Evangelists (COSBE) – 2007 – Present
* Advisory Board Member for PRAISEFEST MINISTRIES “Cruise with a Cause” 2006-Present (39,000 saved)
* “FRANKLY SPEAKING” radio show aired two years on AMERICAN FAMILY RADIO
* Senior Pastor – First Baptist Church of Accokeek, MD-(pastor died & Frank filled in temp) 2008-2010
* Basketball Hall of Famer Meadowlark Lemon asked Frank to write foreword TRUST YOUR NEXT SHOT – 2011
* Distinguished Alumni for Gardner-Webb University – Boiling Springs, NC – Oct 29, 2011
* Frank has shared his testimony on world-wide tv: TBN, Daystar, TCT, ATLANTA LIVE, FOX NEWS & many more!
* Nationally Endorsed Speaker UPWARD & Compassion Intl – 2009 – Present
* FOX NEWS LIVE Guest weighing in on religion/current events
* Only full-time evangelist in MD/DE Baptist Conv. Frank speaks 200 dates per year
* Alliance Evangelist Member with Luis Palau Assoc & NGA – Oct 2011 – Present
* Tapped International Evangelism Chairman for 2012 Olympics Outreach “Bridging the Gap” – London, England

“He that winneth souls is wise” – THE BIBLE


* Favorite Bible verses – 2 Cor 8:9 & John 3:16
* Favorite Ice Cream – Mint Chocolate Chip
* Fav Car – Ferrari 308 GTSi
* Fav Restaurants – Cracker Barrel, Carrabbas, Chick-fil A & Old Ebbitt’s Grille (DC)
* Frank was cut from the fourth grade choir and got a “D” in public speaking
* Frank was an “extra” in final fight scene of ROCKY BALBOA filmed in Las Vegas (2005)
* Frank first met Sly Stallone at age 13 (1985) after winning a RAMBO II contest with his godmother. They spent the weekend in Beverly Hills, CA with members of the movie. Frank’s godmother presented Stallone a Bible and Frank gave him a picture he drew with plan of Salvation on back.

* Frank drove Dr. Lee Roberson for one week at a Sword of the Lord Conference in 1994. Ironically, Frank didn’t even know who he was when they first met. Frank was impressed by the Holy Spirit to share his faith with the senior only to find out that individual was regarded as one of the greatest statesmen of modern times in the ministry baptizing 64,000 before his death. However, Frank willing to share his faith opened the door for Frank to grow as friends with him. The late Dr E.V. Hill signed Frank’s Bible and he still thinks of the encounter nearly each time he gets up to preach.

* Frank learned long ago to take the good and leave the bad. He met folks ranging from Franklin Graham to Jack Hyles, Dr Tony Evans to Joel Osteen and a proud supporter of Christians United for Israel under the leadership of Pastor John Hagee. We can learn so much from each other.

* While working on floor of US Senate in 1995, Senator Edward M Kennedy approached Frank and asked to borrow his VISA card. HELLO!? I should have borrowed his 🙂 That same year, Frank was talking w/ Senator John Glenn and asked him two days before release of movie APOLLO 13 if he was going to watch it. Senator Glenn replied: “Frank, I have already seen it twice?” Frank curious said: “Senator, today is Wed the movie doesn’t come out until 48 hours. You have seen it twice?” Senator Glenn replied: “President Clinton invited Tom Hanks and our wives to watch it in West Wing theater of The White House last week for advanced screening and I was at the Houston Observatory deck in 1969 when it went down so to answer your question – YES, I HAVE SEEN IT TWICE.” My reply? “Thank you Senator, no more questions!” 🙂

* Frank at age 11 got to play on NBA court of former Washington Bullets (now Wizards) at defunct Capital Centre in Largo, MD with the legdenday Harlem Globetrotters with Curly Neal among others only to reunite with MEADOWLARK LEMON 20 yrs later, grow as friends, preach in several states together and asked to write foreword to his new book along with Michael Jordan and Bill Cosby ‘TRUST YOUR NEXT SHOT.’

* Another memorable moment was playing touch football for 20 min @ DALLAS COWBOYS stadium. Even as a diehard SKINS fan it doesnt get any better than that!
* Frank’s Uncle Bobby Shelton played three season with the Detroit Tigers (AAA) from 1967-1969. Ironically, the Tigers won the World Series that last season.
* Frank’s parents took him at age five to see ELVIS PRESLEY in concert TWICE
* Frank saw Dr Billy Graham preach 11 times in person. His father met him twice – childhood dream to shake Dr Graham’s hand. Hasn’t happened yet.
* Frank’s fav gospel singer is MICHAEL ENGLISH. God allowed ME and Frank to meet and minister together in FIVE states and he dedicated his first book to Michael.
* Fav Sports Team: Wash Redskins, LA Lakers & Baltimore Orioles
* Fav Sports Players: Meadowlark Lemon, Michael Jordan, Sugar Ray Leonard & Cal Ripken
* Fav Movies: ROCKY II, RAMBO: First Blood, STAR WARS, E.T., Rudy, Hoosiers, Brian’s Song & THE CHAMP!
* Favorite pet – his goldfish JAWS but unfortunately he died 🙁
* Fav Quote – “When you’re down to nothing – God is UP to something!”

Frank’s MOTIVATIONAL/Corporate site