We are happy to share that our television ministry “BY FAITH with Frank Shelton” is being aired nation-wide on television with DirecTV, Dish, Now Network, CTN, cable and other outlets. The combined reach on television alone is over 220 million homes across America, Europe, Africa and other nations. We are also expanding on radio and Frank’s teaching of hope, humor and Heaven on Earth is heard weekly in ten cities from coast to coast. That program talks about life, leadership and honoring our Lord with some laughs in between. With church attendance dropping during COV19 and people world-wide are searching for answers we felt the Lord prompting us to be part of God’s “Air Force” and be a blessing via the air waves! By God’s grace and faithful friends like you we are able to share God’s Word with more of the world. Our podcast is added each Monday available @ iTunes @ JesusPod and this website. Frank Shelton GLOBAL is on the air either via radio, television or in person somewhere every single day of the week! We pray it will be a blessing to you and please keep us in your prayers and if you would like to become a supporter of this great outreach please visit DONATE. Together we can make a world of difference. God bless you!


DirecTV Channel 324 

Mon 4a-4:30a  (est)

Mon 1p-1:30p  (est)


Dish Channel 94

Mon 4a-4:30a   (est)

Mon 1p-1:30p  (est)


NOW Network (Starting Sept 24, 2020)

Thurs @ 5:30PM (est)

WBRI-AM 1500/FM 96.7 – Indianapolis, IN

3:45-4:00 pm @ Sunday


KERI-AM 1410 – Bakersfield, CA

1:00-1:15 pm @ Sunday


WDZY-AM 1290/FM 103.3  – Richmond, VA 

3:00-3:15 pm Wednesday


KWDF-AM 840/FM 99.7 – Alexandria, LA

10:00-10:15 am @ Saturday


KLNG-AM 1560 /FM 105.5 – Omaha, NE

6:45-7:00 pm @ Tuesday


WNVY-AM 1070/FM 104.5 – Pensacola, FL

7:00-7:15 pm @ Monday


WIJD-AM 1270/FM 97.9 – Mobile, AL

8:30-8:45 pm @ Tuesday


WELP-AM 1360/FM 104.3 – Greenville, SC

6:30 – 6:45 pm @ Monday


WWGB- AM 1030 – Washington, DC

11:15 – 11:30 AM – Thursday


WLMR-AM 1450/FM 103.3 – Chattanooga, TN

6:30-6:45 pm @ Thursday


WSKY-AM 1230 – Asheville, NC

6:45-7:00 pm @ Thursday


Every Monday enjoy Frank’s podcast on life and leadership. Subscribe today @iTunes or JesusPod and we just added 150 FREE messages!


   World Wide Christian Radio – We are pleased to broadcast from Nashville, TN every Sunday @ 10:45 AM regionally, nationally and globally on short wave radio. Listeners from various countries have commented that they tune in and the “Word doesn’t return void.” God bless each of those that tune in and pray for our friends listening in China, Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Australia, Guam, Hawaii, Vietnam, Thailand, South Korea, Japan, India, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Egypt, Jordan, Israel, Russia, Macedonia, Turkey, Hungary, Nigeria, Congo, South Africa, Samolia, Ethiopia, Libya, Spain, Italy, Greece, France, Germany, Switzerland, Poland, Norway, England, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Canada, USA, Mexico, Chiapas- Mexico, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Honduras, Belize, Panama, Equador, Columbia, Venezuela, Chili, and Argentina. Our prayer is to preach the Word to the world and see souls saved.