“Reaching the world ONE soul at a time.”

Regardless, if helping the homeless or counseling Heads of State; Frank Shelton GLOBAL exists to shine a Light and help humanity reach their God given potential. We at FSG are all about TEAM and together we accomplish more than alone. Our mission is to minister to the poor but also the powerful and anyone in between because everyone needs occasional assistance, direction and encouragement.

At times we assist to feed the hungry, help those hurting and homeless while intentionally instilling HOPE to those whom lost all hope across America and around the world. Together we have inspired thousands of students in public and private school assemblies coast to coast on positive messages (anti-bullying, Character Counts, No to Drugs, Respect Authority) but also have given them tools to ‘reach the TOP’ without bottoming out in life. FSG has motivated and ministered to Olympians at three different summer Olympic games (2012 – London, 2016 – Rio & 2020 – Tokyo) and presently working directly with professional athletes in various sports (NFL, MLB, NBA, pro Wrestling) and elected officials at the highest levels of government to help bring awareness and combat human sex trafficking at the local, national and global level. First and foremost, Frank is a preacher of the Gospel and addressed millions on television and scores in person and our primary sole mission is redeeming lost souls.

Frank Shelton GLOBAL invests in leaders at the corporate world both in person at conferences and on his weekly leadership podcast. Our founder, Frank Shelton, Jr. has spoken on FIVE continents ranging from capacity crowds in massive sports stadiums to addressing United States Presidents, foreign heads of state, civic and religious leaders at the local, state, national and international level. In addition to his international travel for the past three years, FSG leads a weekly Bible study to lawmakers at a local State Capitol and was a guest speaker at Presidential Inaugural Prayer Breakfast on Capitol Hill. He has addressed members of congress on the floor of their General Assembly while in session in foreign nations at the request of their President and Vice President. For the past three New Year’s Eve, Frank was a speaker and preached to audiences over 118,000 at the iconic Nelson Mandela National Soccer Stadium in Uganda, Africa with their Vice President on the platform and over 36 Million more watched it LIVE on television. Very few have the honor to literally speak into a nation and more of these doors are opening. As a former speechwriter to a Member of Congress in the House Leadership during his past career in Washington, D.C. spanning three different decades he has an uncanny ability to influence leaders and we as a team leverage our collective talents to ELEVATE those around us.

True leadership and success is more than vision casting and striving forward but inspiring all around while simultaneously and selflessly reaching back to lend a helping hand. In February 2019, Frank received an award by an Ambassador at the United Nations in NYC for helping create a faith global summit bringing leaders together from both the spiritual and secular community uniting for a common good. At 47 years old he served in four different White House administrations of both political parties in various capacities volunteering his time and currently connects and invests in all walks of life ranging from Hollywood elite to powerful business and political leaders. His ancestor whom was a DC police officer assigned to the White House hand carried President Abraham Lincoln across the street from Ford’s Theater following the assassination on Good Friday, 1865 and we live out the late Commander in Chief’s quote, “God must have loved ordinary people because he made so many of us.” The Shelton Family are fifth generation natives of our Nation’s Capitol and have been protecting Presidents and serving the Congressional Community for over a century and half. Frank’s father, Franklin Shelton retired as Acting Assistant Chief of the United States Capitol Police and protected EIGHT U.S. Presidents and received the Director of the United States Secret Service Leadership Award and was Chairman for the Inaugural Committee of President William Jefferson Clinton’s first inauguration. His son (Frank Shelton, Jr) and our founder learned early on incredible people skills, unique leadership qualities and has a gift to bring folks together regardless of race, culture or politics. Today you may find Frank appearing on a national news network weighing in on current affairs, helping eradicate human trafficking, pouring into celebrities, preaching the Gospel at churches and city wide outreaches or inspiring students in school assemblies while loving on those whom society pretends doesn’t exist we long to be a blessing.

Indeed, the world is our neighbor and we exist to bless those regardless if they resemble us or not. Basketball legend and Hall of Fame icon, Meadowlark Lemon asked Frank to write a foreword to his last book “Trust Your Next Shot.” Frank and the late great icon were dear friends and shared the stage in nearly a dozen states together. Frank asked “Lark” why he liked to fly First Class when traveling and without missing a beat and adorning his million dollar smile replied, “I learned rich people need Jesus too!” Everyone is unique and valuable to God and we believe if we only reach out to those whom look like us, talk like us, walk like us, think like us, dress like us or vote the same than we are NOT looking like Jesus. Our Faith Global Initiative enables us to bring RELIEF by day and see REVIVAL at night in various communities, cities and countries around the globe. As a former featured artist with Compassion International and Frank’s five year stint with the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association we at FSG live to give and be a blessing. We believe ministry minus urgency equals catastrophe and Frank Shelton GLOBAL are invited to preach in TEN countries in the next year. Time is running out and thank you for your prayers, partnership and tax deductible provision to help us reach the world ONE soul at a time. True Hope is not in a product, program or policy but a Person. The only hope for humanity is found in a personal relationship with God through His only Son, Jesus, The Christ. People are hurting, time is ticking and Hope is on the way!