President Jimmy Carter
President Jimmy Carter39th President of the United States of America
“Frank Shelton is definitely an evangelist!”
Meadowlark Lemon
Meadowlark LemonBasketball Hall of Fame 2003, Harlem Globetrotter & Evangelist
“Frank has been motivational and inspirational in many lives across the world for many years, including mine! “
Tony Nolan
Tony NolanTour Pastor @ WINTER JAM
The grand story of our great God needs more men to share it. Frank Shelton is one of those men. Frank makes much of Jesus and his ministry will empower you to do the same.
“I don’t know anyone in America who has a greater anointing and gift for evangelism than Frank Shelton. I’ve watched repeatedly in awe how people in local churches respond to Christ and crowd the altar after he preaches. Amazingly gifted and anointed by God and it is so obvious he loves pastors and churches. When I was senior pastor in Las Vegas I extended an invite for him to preach a city-wide crusade and we have asked him to minister with us overseas. I have told Frank on a number of occasions that he reminds me of Dr. Billy Graham or the late Rev. Jerry Falwell when being interviewed on television because he is almost without equal in pointing people to the Cross and Gospel of Christ in such a succinct time. Invite my friend to minister to your community today!”
Pastor Danny Daniels
Staff @ Saddleback Church
(Best Man @ Pastor Rick Warren’s wedding)
“Recently, my husband, Patrick, and I had the privilege of ministering nightly in worship at a revival with Rev. Frank Shelton Jr. at a camp meeting retreat. We have been friends for a couple years and I realized immediately that he is truly gifted and anointed by God to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ.  He has the ability to capture the attention of an audience of youth, as well as adults. His messages are always challenging, inspiring and encourage everyone who hears, to live for Christ and share their faith, in Jesus, with others. I highly recommend him to any ministry that is looking for someone who can effectively preach the gospel of Jesus Christ.
Cynthia Greene
Soloist – Grammy Winning Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir
Brooklyn, NEW YORK


“Frank Shelton has a passionate heart for the Lord and the church. Use him, he will bless your people.”
Dr. Johnny Hunt – Pastor – First Baptist Woodstock
Past President of Southern Baptist Convention
Woodstock, GEORGIA

“The first thing that is apparent about Frank Shelton is his passion for Christ. The second thing is that he really cares about people and wants us to understand the life-changing mysteries of the Kingdom of God. When a seemingly insignificant life is surrendered wholly to our great God, then the so-called impossible becomes a way of life. Welcome to the great adventure! Frank rocks for Jesus!!”
Sheila Walsh – author “The Storm Inside”
WOMEN OF FAITH speaker/singer & former co-host “700 Club”
Dallas, TEXAS

“In a world where there is famine for the living bread of God’s Word, Frank Shelton is doing all in his power to feed the nations of the world the true Bread of Life. I am honored to serve in the Kingdom alongside of men of God like Frank, who are not ashamed of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, it is still the power of God unto salvation.”

Pastor Matthew Hagee – Executive Pastor – Cornerstone Church
San Antonio, TEXAS

“Frank Shelton is real. A real preacher, a real Bible teacher, and a real friend. I have had the opportunity to work with Frank on many occasions and I was truly touched by his heart for worship and his giving spirit. His humor and sincerity are matched only by his desire to honor Christ. During the darkest days of my life, when many in ministry “mocked” me; Frank ministered to me. He is the real deal.”

Michael English – Grammy Winner – “IN CHRIST ALONE”


“Frank Shelton is definitely an evangelist!”
Jimmy Carter – 39th President of the United States of America


“Frank Shelton is a highly inspirational and motivational communicator of Biblical truth. Frank is personable, passionate and powerful in his presentation! Rev. Shelton has the unique ability to effectively minister across generational and denominational lines. He preached our Family Camp in August 2016 @ Assembly of God Conference and it was the largest ever attended the week he ministered. On Wednesday night we had THIRTY FOUR professions of faith after his message and scores flooded the altar. Some suggested who have attended the camp for decades noted it was among the most powerful weeks in the 100 year history of our camp. I wholeheartedly recommend him… knowing that he will be a blessing to your church or event.”
D. Michael Amico
Exec Dir @ Potomac Park Retreat & Conference Center
Falling Waters, WEST VIRGINIA


“It was an honor to have Frank Shelton lead us in worship for our Harvest Sunday in November 2013 at First Baptist Church of Fernandina Beach, Florida. His message was dynamic, energetic and most importantly, Bible-based. More and more we are seeing people turning from the Word of God. Frank Shelton is one who stands on The Word of God and preaches messages that point people to the Son of God and does so without compromise. He is passionate in his calling to shine the Light of God to a lost world and I look forward to having him in our church and community again. I love Frank as an evangelist, brother in Christ and friend and wholeheartedly encourage you to invite him to your church.”
Rev. Jeff Overton
– Senior Pastor First Baptist Church of Fernandina Beach
Fernandina Beach, FL

“Frank Shelton is my hero! Frank lives and breathes to share Jesus with the world. He is an amazing example of the abundant life and joy that Jesus came to give to all who are willing to receive. I love the guy!”
Andy Williams (aka “Bald Wunda”) – drummer w/ CASTING CROWNS

McDonough, GA – now touring w/ SOUL SISTER SALLY

“Frank Shelton is my friend and he is a powerful preacher. His new book book, “Carrying Greatness” is a message of hope for this generation. Frank is the type of communicator who will bring an audience to laughter but also remind every individual of the sacredness of the death of our savior Jesus Christ. We live in a culture that is desperate for hope and Frank communicates a message of hope in Christ with passion and power. His impressions are AMAZING and his Billy Graham is INCREDIBLE!”
Dave Sterrett – Evangelist & Author/Co-Author of “I Am Second,” “Why Trust Jesus?,” “Is the Bible True…Really?”

Dallas, TX

“Frank Shelton is the guy you want to be around all the time! I can never have a bad day when Frank is in the room. His heart for Jesus is undeniable, and he has a passion to serve the church and see souls saved. Frank Shelton is my friend and he’s a good dude!”
Brock Gill – Illusionist, TV Personality, Communicator of Hope & Truth

Nashville, TN

“The grand story of our great God needs more men to share it. Frank Shelton is one of those men. Frank makes much of Jesus and his ministry will empower you to do the same. Frank’s friendship and encouragement helps fuel my faith. He is a dear brother who helps keep souls out of Hell.”
Tony Nolan – Tour Pastor @ WINTER JAM

Woodstock, GA

“Frank, you really blessed me today! Love ya brotha!!!!”
Michael Tait – lead singer to NEWSBOYS – formerly w/ dcTalk

Nashville, TN

“Frank, it’s truly an honor to call you friend. You’re an incredible guy who inspires me to be a better encourager. You are always encouraging! You rock!!
Antony Tchividjian – Billy Graham’s grandson, Co-Founder of “THANK YOU

Lynchburg, VA

“Frank Shelton came to speak at our school, Harrells Christian Academy in Harrells, North Carolina, on Tuesday, April 29, 2014.  When we heard he was in the area, we were very hopeful that he would include us in his busy schedule.  He graciously accepted our invitation and spoke to our Middle and Upper School students.  The students were absolutely spell bound  during his presentation.  His ability to “capture” the audience with impersonations, humor and spell binding stories was amazing to watch.  His God inspired message moved our students to evaluate their lives and make important spiritual decisions. Thank you, Frank Shelton, for your humble yet passionate love for God and students.  Student quotes after the message were “Best speaker I have EVER heard!” and “I sat on the edge of my seat! We are already scheduling him to come back for our Spiritual Emphasis Week in Fall 2014.”  
Paula Matthis – Spiritual Life Director
Harrells Christian Academy

Harrells, North Carolina

“Frank, thank you for blessing us! Man, what a story-teller!! Can that guy lay it out there or what? That was awesome!!! I knew you were an impersonator and that Billy Graham impression was really cool.”
Pastor Steve Dighton – Pastor – Lenexa Baptist Church

Lenexa, KS

“Frank, just wanted to let you know that I prayed for and drew circles around you today my friend. God’s richest blessings to you.”
Mark Batterson – Lead Pastor – National Community Church

NY Times Best Selling Author & Jesus Lover
Washington, D.C.

“It was my privilege to travel for two years with Dr. Leonard Ravenhill. He mentored me and we spent countless time together on the road, in revival meetings and night after night in hotels. Frank Shelton is ON FIRE for Jesus! In my opinion, he is a modern day Ravenhill and is both a revivalist and soul winning evangelist. We have spent many hours together as well and its been my honor to pour into his life. We have preached in meetings together and he has been a huge blessing to my family and ministry. Frank’s life is a living testimony to the transforming grace of God. The Spirit of Christ is evident by just being around him. He is morally clean and ethical in his conduct. The Lord has prepared and gifted Frank to make spiritual impact with people of every age. His ministry is so balanced that the result brings conviction to the believer about his relationship to Jesus Christ. Any pastor who is interested in a real “visitation from Heaven,” which will profit the local church in winning the lost, deepening of the saints and growth, should contact Frank Shelton. In fact, if I were a pastor, I would prayerfully consider to clear my schedule and make this a priority. In the midst of many people serving God, occasionally our paths cross with someone we are thrilled to recommend. Such is the case with Frank Shelton. Brethren, use him!”
Randy Hogue – Author & International Evangelist

Cullman, Alabama

Frank Shelton is profoundly simple and SIMPLY PROFOUND! For the record, I believe Frank Shelton is one of America’s finest Evangelist, chosen by God, empowered by His Spirit and totally dedicated to The Lord Jesus Christ! Let it be known Frank Shelton has the gift of exhortation like few in the earth, I do not know his equal. He is the quintessential renaissance man of this New Testament gifting. We have been friends for 20 years and I can honestly say I have never met anyone quite like him and I treasure his friendship and family. Frank is da man who loves The Man!”
Dr. Johnny Pope – Senior Pastor @ Christchurch Baptist Fellowship

Houston, TX

Frank, you are indeed a “refresher.” The Lord is using you in a wonderful way – and I believe He will use you even more in the days ahead. I am impressed with your humble, teachable, and submissive spirit. That is rare among young evangelists and I delight to see it. After his kingdom was rejected, Samuel said to Saul, “when thou wast little in thine own eyes…” The problem with Saul was that he forgot where he used to be and was overcome with his own importance. That is a trait that befalls many men of God – and frankly, it is the kiss of death – just like it was for Saul. Frank, I don’t see that in you and I hope you will maintain that unassuming spirit. I will be praying for you that the Lord will open many doors for you. And in the meantime, Dr. Super Incredible, Amazing, Fantastic Frank, my friend, my buddy, and a man I want to be like when I grow up, don’t you ever forget this one single thing: JUNIOR HILL SURE DOES LOVE YOU!”
Evangelist Junior Hill – former VP of SBC Convention

Hartselle, AL

“Frank Shelton came to speak at our chapel to the fine students of First Baptist Church of Dallas & Christian Academy on March 24, 2011, and I was blown away! I told him after his message that I have been on staff and in Christian education for over 30 years and that was hands down, one of the most POWERFUL sermons I have ever heard. We had him back in March 2013 and THREE souls were saved but just as impressive over 170 of our students flooded to the altar after he ministered. I recommend him without hesitation to everyone.”
Staff Member – First Baptist Church of Dallas/Christian Academy

Dallas, TX

“Frank, the reviews are wonderful about your message! It’s always a treat to partner with you and thanks for your heart for God and men. Your ministry is a blessing to so many. We have had you twice speak at our IRON SHARPENS IRON conferences and look forward to your return real soon!!”
Dave Brown – Executive Director
Washington Area Coalition of Men’s Ministries
Kensington, MD

“Frank Shelton has been a great friend to me and has been on “Team Meadowlark” supporting my ministry for many years! Frank has been motivational and inspirational in many lives across the world for many years, including mine! He’s been living my motto: “Changing Lives to Change the World” and has a great, sincere and loving connection with the youth – our future leaders….I would highly recommend Frank for any Corporate or Christian Event! Frank and I have ministered together nearly a dozen times in five states and I have seen him in a variety of settings and he exudes Christ and class wherever he goes. He is the consummate people person and I asked him to write a foreword in my book “TRUST YOUR NEXT SHOT” along with Michael Jordan. Frank is a powerful preacher, dynamic communicator and also a great comedian. It is my belief that “laughter is a great medicine”! Thank you Frank for being my friend and being on my “Team”… Much Love and Gratitude, your friend
Meadowlark Lemon

Basketball Hall of Fame 2003, Harlem Globetrotter & Evangelist
Scottsdale, AZ

“”I am so honored to know Frank Shelton! I believe he is a man chosen by God to a supernatural voice of awakening in this nation! Frank has the unbelievable ability to bring Gods Word alive, fresh, and real. This man not only carries himself with honor and integrity, but with deep humility for the gifting’s that God has imposed upon him. He is my friend and I believe that the enemies territory is lost every time he steps up to speak! This passionate visionary is absolutely the real deal!”
Pat Schatzline, Evangelist & Author New Book: “Why Is God So Mad At Me?”

Trussville, AL

“Wow!! Frank, what an incredible weekend! Thank you so much for your love and support of God’s work here at Streetlite Church on April 21, 2013. God used you in powerful ways … we are still buzzing from Sunday! Super seeing 18 souls repent of sin and profess Christ as Savior following your message. I love you brother and I love experiencing Jesus through you! You are one of His great vessels and God is doing great things through your life! Looking forward to sharing more ministry with you in the time ahead! We definitely will have you back soon!!
Pastor Brian Zimmerman

Streetlite Church
Baltimore, Maryland

“I’m writing this to express my appreciation for the ministry of Frank Shelton to our congregation on Sunday, April 28, 2013 at Laurel Wesleyan Church in Delaware. I was told of Frank through a friend and prior to that, I had not heard of him. He was ministering at an event Saturday night 30 miles from our church for a county wide banquet and was available to come to us yesterday. I took a risk, and invited him to preach. I am so glad I did! He preached both our morning services and we had 14 professions of faith. The altar was full at the 11AM service when he extended an invitation for folks to grow closer to Christ. Frank was a delight to work with. He was so accomodating to our needs and so gracious to me personally. His personality endeared him almost immediately to our staff and our congregation. He was humble, flexible and willing to fit into our style of ministry. He was most respectful of us all. It is obvious that Frank has a passion for Christ, and for reaching lost people. That resonates here. He preaches with enthusiasm and under the anointiing of the Holy Spirit. I will look forward to working with him in the future. My prayer is a new friendship has begun and I may somehow turn out to be a blessing to him. I will pray for my brother in ministry. He is a truly unique servant of the King.”
Pastor Ken Deusa

Laurel Wesleyan Church
Laurel, DE

“Let me echo the sentiments of many others before me and many more to follow. Frank Shelton is unequivocally one Gods choice servants. Frank preaches with a power from on high and a burning passion for the lost. America needs to hear the message of hope and healing he delivers! He shares HUMOR and the Heat with a tender touch and burning heart. Pastor, extend an invite to Frank today!”
Jamey Ragle – Author & Evangelist

Cincinnati, OH

“Frank is a committed Christian, dedicated disciple, devoted husband, caring father, exemplary church leader, and faithful friend. Frank is a man who possesses a passion for God and compassion for people. He is commited to daily devotions, personal, family and corporate prayer with the gathered people of God. Frank responded to the call of God upon his life to serve Him as a minister of the Gospel, and was ordained here at our church on Aug 15, 1998 and served as our youth minister before being tapped Minister of Evangelism at Dunkirk Baptist and eventually VP of National Christian Youth Speakers Network. That call is evident in all that he says, all that he does and all that he is. Frank Shelton is a man of God with a heart for God and the things of God. Frank is an evangelist. Frank is an equipper. Frank is a missionary. Frank is a servant. Frank is a minister. Thank you for the privilege to recommend Frank Shelton to you.”
Dr. James Painter

Senior Pastor
Cresthill Baptist Church
Bowie, Maryland

“It is a privilege to recommend Evangelist Frank Shelton. He was saved at the age of seven and read the entire Bible by eighth grade. That fact alone is amazing – must Christian adults have not read through the Bible. God’s Hand has been on Frank for a long time. If you watch Frank in a sermon or catch him on FOX NEWS he always makes a ‘beeline’ to the cross. He is always looking to share the Gospel and talks about the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Frank promotes the Lord and God has promoted him. We had Frank for four services in May 2012 for a revival at Life Community Church in Jamestown, North Carolina and at the opening morning service we had over 125 come forward re-dedicating their lives to Jesus! Frank was tapped Evangelism Chairman for the 2012 Olympics Outreach and as our athletes are going after gold – Frank went to London to point people to God. Our church folks loved Frank Shelton’s message and ministry and we/re already planning on bringing him back. He would be a great asset to your outreach.
Pastor Jake Thornhill

Life Community Church
Greensboro, North Carolina

“Frank Shelton is an encourager and possesses Father’s Heart and relentless passion for doing good. A man who pours his heart and soul into God and others and a man about his Father’s business. I have the privilege to call him friend. Frank is a one-of-a-kind individual who possesses a rare combination of depth and tenancity coupled with a great sense of humor and genuine love for others. He is an authentic man and one who has discovered the lost art of living for a purpose. He lives to encourage all to trust Christ as Savior and reminds us that God can still do great and mighty things through you, no matter how broken you may be or how useless, inadequate or unqualified you feel. I had the privilege to write the foreword to Frank’s most recent book “BLESSEDNESS OF BROKENNESS” and it touched people across America and beyond! We flew to Guatemala together as speakers and sponsors with Compassion International and I have seen him minister to the destite and poor and rich and famous but he is not a respecter of persons and lives to love God and bless others. Yes, he is a phenomenal speaker but amazingly he is an even better Christian.”
Zoro, The Drummer

“Minister of Grove” – Drummer to Lenny Kravitz, Tom Petty & more! Author “The Big Gig”
Los Angeles, CA &
Nashville, TN

“I want to give a shout out to a mighty man of God that brought so much to the table this past week on our Gospel Fest Cruise 2013 to Nassau, Bahamas. He made us laugh, cry and brought you to a place of God’s Presence! The people loved him so much after hearing him speak on opening night we had to scramble and move his scheduled slot to a larger venue on the ship to accomodate the crowd desiring to hear the message God laid on his heart. He is honorable, humble and promotes Heaven. It is my honor to call him friend and we have already invited him back next year to speak on our 2014 cruise with Crabb Family Revival and more! He and his wife, Ruth are the salt of the Earth and we endorse him to you without hesitation.”
Rev. Arnie Shipp

Founder of Gospel Fest Cruise
Clinton, SC

“We just concluded a revival with Frank Shelton in November 2012. He preached five times (Sun-Wed) and on opening service over 80 of our adults flooded the altar making various decisions for Jesus. He also preached at FCA to students at Forbush High School. The students hung on every word and they loved him! Over 30 came back to hear more at our revival after hearing him during the day. I consider it a privilege to recommend Frank Shelton to any church or ministry seeking to use him as an evangelist or guest speaker. Bro Shelton has a powerful way of communicating to people of all ages the simple message of the cross. His biblically-based, gospel-centered, and Christ-exalting messages kept all his listeners on the edge of their seats. Frank has a magnificent way of relating to people, both personally and from the pulpit. To your congregation, he will edify believers and will reach out to those seeking the Savior. Use him. You will be blessed.”
Dr. Philip Beavers – Senior Pastor

South Oak Ridge Baptist Church
Yadkinville, NC

“So glad my daughter, Savannah was able to hear Frank Shelton at Forbush FCA this week! He was a blessing and encouragement to the entire auditorium!! My daughter skipped her Varsity basketball practice that evening to return to church service to hear more at the revival. That doesn’t happen every day!!”
Sharon Yale – Proud Mom

Yadkinville, North Carolina

“A church member asked me for three years straight to bring in Evangelist Frank Shelton. Life can get busy and I just never got around to it. We finally brought him in two years ago and he has been back THREE times since! Our congregation absolutely loves it when he comes to our community. We had 18 saved at the morning service and news spread so quickly in our town that the neighboring church cancelled their Sunday evening service and joined us together and God met us again!! The altar was slammed and people were crying with a burden for souls, desiring to get right with the Lord and wanting to graduate from medicority to ministry in their own lives. I cannot recommend him enough. He is a dear friend, powerful preacher, gifted teacher and despite speaking around the world loves the local church and pastor. He is a brother in Christ and you will do well to invite him TODAY to your church!”

Pastor Mark Hopkins
Hurt Holiness Pentecostal Church
Hurt, Virginia

“Brother Frank – Thank you again for your enthusiastic, empowering, and encouraging service to our King of Kings on Sun Feb 27, 2011 at Pierpont Church of the Nazarene in Morgantown, West Virginia! We are truly grateful for you and will be praying for you and your family as you continue laying your lives down for Him. May our God continue to receive all the glory! We’re still reeling in the joy of how the Spirit moved and graciously poured out His presence!! You preached Sunday morning and twice Sunday afternoon at our UPWARD event and to see 170 souls trust Christ in one day was just AWESOME! Praise the Lord!! Thanks, again, for allowing Him to use you mightily!”
Tobias Family – Pierpont Church of the Nazarene

Morgantown, West Virginia

“It was my pleasure to have Frank Shelton speak at the Texas Christian Athlete of the Year Award in Dallas, Texas at the beautiful DFW Marriott Grand-Ballroom on March 17, 2011. It was a black tie banquet and standing room only with over 1,200 people attending. I asked “Olympian of the Century” and nine time gold medalist Carl Lewis and Frank to give the keynote address. The crowd hung on Frank’s every word and I cannot tell you how many compliments I received regarding his stirring message. He says more in a few minutes than most could in an hour! He is powerful, practical and personable. Before he flew home we already agreed to schedule him to return the following year to speak again at our event. It has been my privilege to be part of every Olympic Games outreach since 1984, in Los Angeles and I invited Frank to speak for ten days with my organization during the 2012 Olympic Games ministry outreach in London, England. Frank is hillarious, honorable but most importantly, he’s humble. With the discernment of the late, Dr David Allbritton, I tapped Frank to be the International Evangelism Chairman of 2012 Olympics outreach with Lay Witnesses For Christ. While in the UK, Frank ministered to world-class athletes and Olympians past and present at XXX Olympiad in London but one night in particular I will never forget. We were ministering in a 150 year old cathedral and scores of fans, Olympians and church folks were present. Several of our athletes gave a testimony of what Christ meant to them. The services were being broadcast in various parts of the world via television and at the leading of the Holy Spirit it was impressed deeply on me to invite Frank Shelton from out of the audience “off the cuff” and un-rehearsed and with absolutely NO NOTICE to give an altar call for folks to respond to Christ. Frank stood up and came to the platform and GOD SHOWED UP! He gave one of the clearest, boldest and most loving presentation of the Gospel one could give and immediately over 450 souls came forward making commitments to Jesus Christ! I have been around many ministers and different ministries but don’t recall ever seeing God move so quickly or powerfully like I did the night God used Evangelist Frank Shelton in London. God’s Hand is surely on his life. Regardless, if corporate, classroom, civic events or church related Frank Shelton would be a HUGE asset to your organization!
Dr. Sam Mings – President
Lay Witnesses For Christ International

Dallas, Texas

“Frank, without a doubt you are an evangelist!”
R.T. BAILEY – Director of Crusades for 29 years @ BILLY GRAHAM EVANGELISTIC ASSOC.
(Art was in charge of Dr Graham’s last ever crusade in NY)
Charlotte, North Carolina

“Frank, we met during the men’s conference (WACMM) about two weeks ago when you were a presenter at Washington Area Coalition of Men’s Ministry. I just wanted to reach out to you and thank you for your words on how God uses the broken to lift others. Your session and sermon were SUPER! I’ve went through some tragedic situations over the last year or so which put me on the wavering path of “why me?” But your words were so inspirational and the way you explained Acts 16:16 touched me personally. They had some wonderful speakers and the Baltimore Ravens chaplain blessed me but your message particularly was POWERFUL and ministered to me deeply. I work at the Pentagon but would welcome chance to grow as friends and glean from your ministry.”
Anonymous (Top Secret Clearance)

Bowie, Maryland

“I have been in the Gospel Ministry for over three decades. Without question, Frank Shelton is the most naturally gifted man for ministry that I have ever met. He is Spirit filled and Spirit led. God has truly blessed him.”
Major Ron Harvel, USAF

Chaplain @ The Pentagon (RET)

“Frank Shelton has a burden for revival and evangelism. God is using him across America and I want to recommend him to pastors everywhere. It could be a Revival Crusade, special Harvest Day or other special event as well. Frank is a man of integrity and Pastor, you will be glad you scheduled him to come speak to your people.”
Evangelist Tim Lee – American Patriot & Board Member of LIBERTY UNIVERSITY

Garland, TX

“Frank Shelton…A Blessing to All! Brother Frank, thank you for your ministry and the work that you are doing to bring people to GOD and His Kingdom. Your Ministry is making an impact on countless lives and I am confident that the LORD will continue to BLESS YOU, YOUR FAMILY and the Following that you have brought in His name. Thank you for your Love for the Lord. Thank you for the caring Heart that you have shown in helping others in the name of Jesus and through your Ministry. May GOD afford you all that you need to create an even greater impact on the world, so you can bring more people to him in Praise and in Prayer.” Respectfully, His Servant, Your Friend,
Mr. John DeFendis – 1988 Mr. USA
“Ultra Fit” Founder & Director (Since 1982) World Body Building Hall of Fame Member

Greenville, SC

“Our church brought in Frank Shelton twice in 2010, and he spoke four times on our weekend retreat with the senior high group. The kids LOVED him and he was a big hit with our youth department and the adult chaperones. He did more than just speak but intentionally invested in the lives of our students on and off the platform. He took time to connect with them individually and our entire group was commenting on how God spoke to them via Frank and his messages. The weekend that Frank spoke we had 42 decisions for Christ! Several of our teens commented that he was the best speaker/preacher they ever heard. Frank is real, Bible based and has a gift to share God’s Word in a way that is both relevant and captivating. We recommend him without reservation.”
Immanuel Bible Church – Student Ministries Department

Springfield, VA

“Mr Shelton, what a privilege to have you here last week sharing in our chapel at High Point Christian Academy. Home of HPCA and Green Street Baptist Church in High Point, North Carolina. I have received so much great feedback from students and teachers. Thank you for working us into your busy schedule. To see over 100 of our students profess Christ after your message was amazing and I will be coordinating with teachers to work on the follow-up for discipleship. We will forever remember you as the champ who cheered and challenged our children to put Christ first! God bless all of your efforts.”
Dr. Rita Haire – Principal
High Point Christian Academy

High Point, NC

“Over the years, I have listened to many preachers, evangelists and prophets, but Frank Shelton moved me to tears by his honest and transparent teachings of the boy with the loaf of bread and two fishes in his sermon recently in Dallas at the Lay Witness For Christian International Board Meeting.  I’ve heard this story countless times, but I never saw the boy, the significance of the story impacted me in a way I can’t explain.  Mr. Shelton, I praise you for being a light and a voice this world needs!  Anyone who hears you, hears the message of Jesus, and see the heart of love of our Saviour.  Thank you for impacting my life and look forward to serving with you in London, England next year at the Olympic Games with LWFCI.”
Carla J. Akin – Author/Board Member
LWFCI outreach @ 2012 Olympic Games

Dallas, TX

“Frank – you are one of the greatest soul winners alive today. Often times it’s hard to imagine ourselves listed among the greats of history such as D. L. Moody, Charles Finney, or Jonathon Edwards, but in Heaven’s storybook there is an equal sized chapter entitled Frank Shelton. It is such a privilege of mine to say that I know you and that we are long-time friends. I so look forward to the day the we will stand with the greats of history and join together and bow our heads, bend our knees, and lay every crown at His Majesty’s precious feet! Jesus. King of kings, Lord of lords. Master. God bless you friend, “He who wins souls is wise!”
Kenny Miller – Worship Pastor @ New Hope Church (close friends w/ Chris Tomlin)

Baltimore, MD

“It was my pleasure to invite my new friend, Frank Shelton, Jr to Harvest Pointe Church when I was pastoring in East Texas. I had Frank speak briefly Sunday morning and shared HUMOR and a message Sunday night and our folks absolutely loved it! Even better they loved him!! It was one of the largest attended Sunday evening services we ever had. Before he left we already talked about him coming back to preach a revival.”
Dr Rick Scarborough – Founder of VISION AMERICA

Nacogdoches, TX

“Frank Shelton is the “Total Package.” He has amazing stage presence, charisma, charm, powerful preacher, loves the Lord and loves people. Even better – folks love him.”
Evangelist Rick Stanley – Elvis Presley’s stepbrother

Chattanooga, TN

“Frank Shelton is a special brother. He “gets it.” By that I mean he knows that this thing we do is ministry. It’s God’s work and we are blessed to take part in the effort.”
Clay Crosse – Grammy Winner & 10 NUMBER ONE HITS!

Memphis, TN

“Frank, it’s TRULY a pleasure to know you and to share in the work of ministry with you! I’m so happy that God is using you in mighty ways. I’m looking forward to hearing even more as time goes on! Much Love To You and the Family!
Ayiesha Woods – Nominated for “Female Vocalist of the Year 2007”

Dallas, TX

“Frank, what a joy it was having you visit and preach at our church. God used you to inspire the young, encouraged adults in difficulty, and reminded all that if we aren’t focused on Jesus then what is the point… keep the faith & God bless!
William Chris Shelton – Senior Pastor, R.O.C.K Ministries

Piggott, Arkansas

“I have known Frank for over 15 years. He is a man dedicated bring people to the saving knowledge of God through Jesus Christ. He is also a great motivational speaker. In any environment, Frank Shelton can deliver the goods with his God given talent of communication. Laughter is a great medicine and ministry. Frank has ministered to me many times through his books and recordings. I am a fan of Frank Shelton!”
Ernie Haase – tenor/founder of SIGNATURE SOUND

Stow, OH

“Frank, keep rockin’ for Jesus!”
Rick Heil – lead singer to Grammy Nominated SONICFLOOd

Nashville, TN

“Frank Shelton has a passion for God & Country. He is anointed and appointed for such a time as this. As a songwriter I picked up instantly that he has a way with words. God has blessed him and it was my pleasure having him as a guest on my television program.”
Babbie Mason – Grammy Winner & Gospel Singer

Atlanta, GA

“Frank is both a powerful preacher and a gifted teacher. His impersonation of Dr. Graham is amazing!”
M. Holmquist – Billy Graham School of Evangelism

Charlotte, NC

“Over the years, I have watched God use Frank in some pretty dynamic ways. If there is one quality about Frank that stands out is his passion to reach the lost for Christ. Similar to BILLY GRAHAM Crusades ( I have had the privilege to work with BGEA at events as a speaker), I can honestly and boldly say, Frank Shelton’s altar calls are similar that hands go UP, people come FORWARD and come to know Jesus as their personal Savior! That is what it’s all about!”
Sam Glenn – speaker @ Teen Mania’s “ACQUIRE THE FIRE”

Chicago, IL

“Our changing world needs to hear the fresh voice of a true revivalist. That is Frank Shelton. God is using this man to share the message of hope in Jesus Christ in a very effective manner. You will not regret extending an invite to Frank!”
Evangelist Jamey Ragle – HUMORIST & Friend

Chattanooga, TN

“Pastor, Youth Minister, conference planner – For your next revival or conference. Bring Frank Shelton to speak to your people and he will bless you and your church!”
Marcus Lamb – Founder of DAYSTAR TV

Dallas, TX

“Frank is one of America’s top ten soul-winning evangelists with his excellent use of analogy, illustration, witty humor and clever application of the Word combined with a rich anointing and humility. I first met Frank on TCT “Rejoice” TV in Marion, IL when I was co-host and God used him powerfully. In December 2011, I was blessed to have him and Basketball Hall of Fame, Meadowlark Lemon come to my church where I pastor and the crowd LOVED them both. Frank preached and introduced Lemon and the crowd hung on Frank’s every word as he shared The Word. I recommend him without reservation and honored to have him as a friend, brother and colleague in ministry. My prayer is that one day I will be as funny as Frank!”
Myles Holmes – co-host TCT – “Rejoice” TV Show – third largest Christian studio in the world
Marion, IL

“Frank, I had the pleasure to hear you speak at the Singles Session on “Praisefest Cruise with a Cause – 2008″ in the Bahamas! As you shared your testimony there was not a dry eye in the audience. Brother, you spoke with such honesty and insight, that everyone in attendance was challenged to put Christ first in their relationships; to seek God’s will and His ways and to trust God for the results. Several others heard you from our church and we are already contacting staff about possibly bringing you to speak to our singles at our church!
Connie Wilmeth – Singles member – LAKEWOOD CHURCH

Houston, TX

“Frank Shelton is a dynamic Christian speaker/evangelist with a message this is relevant to ALL ages. He is the “real deal.” He is willing to not just deliver an INCREDIBLE message, but go into the schools and reach the next generation for Christ. At Praisefest Ministries we have been blessed to bring in the very best Christian singers and speakers around the world. For the past three years, I have had Frank speak on all three of our cruises to the Bahamas with “Cruise with a Cause.” One of the senior pastors on the ship was so impressed with Frank that he booked him to come to Alabama and preach 15 messages in four days at Fleetwood Baptist Church for their REVIVAL. During that four night meeting – 81 adults and teens accepted Christ as their personal Savior. I had the pleasure to attend one of those services and I strongly encourage you to consider having Frank at your church for a special Sunday service, revival, youth rally or evangelistic event. He will deliver a Word from God!”
Dr. Matthew Dunaway – Pres. of PRAISEFEST MINISTRIES

Mobile, AL

“I am thankful and privileged to know Frank Shelton. God has given him the most beautiful heart and the kindest most loving spirit. He exemplifies the meaning of Christianity not only in his speaking and preaching, but also in his professional and personal relationships. A brief note or message from Frank always lifts my spirits and leaves me feeling God’s love. His messages delivered at speaking engagements inspire, motivate and are such a tremendous encouragement to people.” P.S. – “Frank , you did an amazing job on that DAYSTAR show! I was so blessed by your message! I can’t believe all the things you covered in such a short amount of time. I didn’t want it to end. I laughed, I cried, I was uplifted. Your impersonations were great and funny, too. I think you have a powerful ministry that is going to grow tremendously! God Bless You Good!
Renee Barham – Ministry Coordinator – Michael English & DAYSTAR Promotions

Tulsa, OK

“Frank Shelton has dramatically touched the lives of tens of thousands across the Country. He has brought the grace and hope that Jesus Christ offers to a hurting world in a way that is conveyed as only Frank can communicate. His sincerity, humility and humor softens hearts for the Holy Spirit to do his incredible work. He is a refreshing and encouraging minister that is being mightily used of the Lord.”
Shannon Marketic – 1992 MISS USA

Dallas, TX

“Frank speaks with a heart of compassion. He has a genuine interest in people and is passionate about communicating with people of all ages to live a life of character and follow Christ. Frank’s stories grab your attention because they are deep and thought provoking. Frank also has a wonderful gift of humor and doing impersonations that will make audiences laugh until they cry!”
Gina Waegle – 1998 Miss Colorado

Denver, CO

“Frank Shelton has an incredible ministry! I had the pleasure of being on the Praisefest Ministries “Cruise with a Cause” to Bahamas with my husband and remember walking through the Royal Caribbean cruise ship and seeing a large crowd gather to lean over a balcony and listen to a man speaking below in the center of the ship. We joined them and were amazed! The man was on the bottom floor captivating this impromptu, walk up audience with this BOOMING voice. People were gathered on four floors, leaning over balconies just to hear him speak. We didn’t even know who he was at the time. He was engaging the audience with jokes and celebrity impersonations, but it wasn’t long before he started sharing his personal testimony and sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ. Before long, it seemed like the entire ship was hanging on his every word (including the Captain of the ship)! We later found out the man’s name was Frank Shelton. In the past I was co-host of one of largest contemporary Christian radio station, 93.7 WDJC in Birmingham, Alabama . When I returned to work I told my co-host about this engaging speaker with a heart for Christ. We booked him for an interview that was so much fun we continue to play segments of it to this day! He does the best impersonations including Billy Graham and former President Clinton. If you’re considering booking a speaker for an event that will warm the crowd up while sharing the gospel and the love of God…without question then Frank Shelton is the one to book ! I strongly recommend him. Your group will love him!
Wendy Garner – Morning Show Host – 93.7 WDJC FM

Birmingham, ALABAMA

Sadly, much of “evangelism” in the Christian Church today is not New Testament Evangelism. A prominent pastor came to Texas 15 years ago and stated: “The days of revival and Evangelistic crusades are over.” Sadly, a lot of our young, gullible, naive preachers agreed with him. They didn’t have a clue and many still don’t. Ephesians 4:11 states: “And God gave some to be Evangelists.” Frank Shelton, Jr has been called by God and chosen and has surrendered. His passion for souls is a bright light in the religious world filled with darkness. Without a doubt the calling of God and the anointing of God is upon Frank’s life. His passion for souls is a motivating factor in the life of every believer to be a “SOUL WINNER.” I pray that God will use his NEW book “Final Approach – Career vs Calling?” to set the multitudes on fire for Jesus. Frank has been blessed with tons of passion, energy and a desire to honor God, encourage pastor’s and bless the local church. Without hesitation, I recommend Frank Shelton to the precious people of your congregation and community.”
Dr. Freddie Gage – Evangelist (second only to Billy Graham in SBC for soul-winning)

Euless, TX

“In over 45 years of public service at both the state and national level; I can honestly say: “Frank Shelton, Jr. is one of the most compassionate, decent, young men I have ever met. I know his heart is for evangelism but I wouldn’t be surprised if God uses him to build one of the biggest churches in Maryland one day.”
U.S. Rep. Steny H. Hoyer – House Majority Leader of Congress

Washington, DC

“I have known Frank for over 25 years and I recently witnessed him preach (March 2009) at my home church First Baptist Church of Waldorf, MD at their annual UPWARDS Basketball Awards Ceremony. Frank spoke to over 1,400 adults and teens and when he gave the invitation over 400 players and parents stood to their feet after trusting Christ as Savior! One of them was my daughter’s ex-boyfriend (age 32) who was once incarcerated but found freedom when Frank gave the invitation. Ironically, he was one of the first to respond to the altar call. Praise God, I was so proud of them both!
Proud Parent – First Baptist Church

Waldorf, MD

“Frank Shelton, what can I say but WOW! Here at Harmony Baptist Church, we deeply appreciate your visit with us. We are so glad you have not forgotten the small churches in your venture to present the gospel across the nation. I truly do not know whether to title you as a motivational speaker, a comedian, or an evangelist! You have such a perfect blend of all three. I know your heart is to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ first and foremost, but lifting up and empowering people to live as they should makes a real change. In the days to follow your message, everybody from teen-agers to senior adults commented to me how influential and enjoyable you were. Several stopped by my office to specifically tell me that they truly appreciated me for asking you to come! We intend to have you back real soon!” Rev. Marc Lhowe – Harmony Baptist Church Monroe, GA

“Frank Shelton , Jr. in my opinion, is one of the great “World changers and history makers” of this Millennium. As President/Founder of ” America’s Heroes of Freedom ,” I consider it a privilege to have had Frank serve the past 4 years on our Advisory Board for AHOF. He has personally ministered love and restoration with us repeatedly (with no fanfare) to our wounded Military from the Afghanistan/Iraq War. He has walked through the corridors with America ’s Heroes at Walter Reed and Bethesda Naval Hospital , respectively. He has been interviewed several times with The Washington Post and Baltimore Sun regarding the need for Americans’ to pause and pray for our troops and those wounded at war. He has always said: ” Our soldiers, police/fire/EMT, teachers and preachers are the real heroes – not celebrities or public figures. ” Frank is a “patriot” beyond any man I know. His love for God & Country is inspiring to the Nation. One of the things I love most about Frank is his love for the Lord and his God given gift to make folks of all walks of life laugh, feel loved and have fun! He is both honorable and humble. While walking with him on Capitol Hill, your mouth hits the floor with all the powerful people he knows in Washington, D.C. as they stop and say “hello” but what is so endearing to him is that he is so gracious and kind to all (not just the influential). Like God, Frank is no respecter of persons. He values everyone and is a constant encourager and motivator. Frank’s personal commitment to the “lost” who don’t know Jesus Christ as their personal Savior is why I feel God has entrusted Him with the responsibility and vision of “Celebrate Jesus! Crusades.” I am both excited and honored to be part of this great event!”

Washington , D.C.

“The Twenty First Century Enlightener- Frank Shelton the man of many voices. Who has heard His Masters Voice and recieved the lively oracles of the words of Christ. Brother Frank is the man with the merry heart who is spreading the joy of the Lord like a healing medicine of the Lord through-out the world. Evangelist Shelton is the Total Package touching all the bases, changing question marks into exclamation marks, hitting a grand slam home run in the bottom of the ninth inning, kicking the winning field goal at the end of the fourth quarter and pushing all the right buttons. So put your exciter alarm in motion, get out of the mud and get in the flood, get out of the mire and get in the fire, put your finger in God’s light socket and fasten your seat belts. Lets Get Ready to Rumble, as you experience the dynamic ministry of The Triple M- MMM- The “Marvelous Maryland Messenger” Evangelist Frank Shelton. The WWE has Triple H and All Mighty God has Triple M Evangelist Frank Shelton!
Evangelist Ronnie Dean – “The Raven”

Poplar Bluff, MO

“Frank, how good it was to see you again recently in Charlotte, NC and spending those moments with you. Your recent letter blessed and encouraged me. You are being greatly used of the Lord and I rejoice. I am glad to call you my friend!”
Evangelist Junior Hill – former VP of Southern Baptist Convention

Huntsville, AL

“Finally, our speaker for the night. Not only is this man funny. He is entertaining. But by far his greatest gift is his heart. I have yet to meet anyone in my life who has the heart of Frank Shelton . Frank has been a dear friend for sometime now. Also nearly 15 years ago I remember meeting this sharp dressed, soft spoken guy from Waldorf, MD. Instantly, we had a bond that would lead us to many great times and memories. I can easily say that Frank Shelton is the most Christ-like person I know. The Lord Jesus Christ uses this man to share the Gospel in ways that will BLOW YOUR MIND! Frank will be bringing the message from the very mouth of God. I pray that God will open your hearts, your ears and your eyes for the things He has in store for us tonight. Please give a warm Florida welcome to Frank Shelton…………..”
Billy Griffin – PS 40 Crusade organizer /founder & long-time friend

LaBelle, FL