Ever since the beginning of time, we have been in a battle between GOOD vs EVIL. The duel between my Savior and Serpent is nothing new. In fact, the Bible says, “nothing new is under the Sun. “Yes, we wrestle not with flesh and blood but principalities and powers.” Indeed, the ring is in Heavenly places and sometimes it feels all of Hell is against us. I have been in ministry long enough to realize a few things. For starters, Good will always win in the end. Secondly, The Force is not some cosmic entity but true power is faith in Christ. I have had the honor to have a front row seat to see “The Light” go off on some souls who were with Team Satan and now kids of the King. As far as sharing the Good News (Gospel) of Jesus we should never judge a book by its cover. Sometimes, those that resemble Christ the least may be open to Him the most. Lastly, some in our society believe and were taught that the Lord is Lucifer. They wrongfully believe that He is all powerful and worthy of worship. Jesus said, “Not everyone that says, “Lord, Lord will enter into Heaven,” Lucas was on to something when he named him LORD VADER. I do love that when Darth Vader took off his mask in RETURN OF THE JEDI that he was leaning towards the Light. The last few years, “science” demanded we mask up during COVID. For decades, children shopping for candy wore masks on Halloween. When Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead, the first thing He said was “unbound him, unloose him.” I submit He may have also said, “unmask him.” The Devil desires us to tied up, fed up, masked up and to shut up but where the Spirit of the Lord (JESUS) is Liberty! God wants us FREE, live in FREEDOM and be forgiven. It is amazing what happens when we “take off our mask” and get real. You cannot get right until you first get real and transparent. In these turbulent times, we do better to MAN UP and pull the mask off. Freedom is on the other side of fear. I still believe the worse sinners when dipped in God’s great grace can become the best saints and enjoy this video my friend, Mark Sanders made of what it would be like for Darth Vader to truly come to the Lord after seeing The Light. For the born-again Christian, The Force is strong and why be a stormtrooper for Satan when you can be a JEDI for JESUS.