PRAISE GOD! Coach Deion Sanders received our ministry leadership award. The Lord impressed on us to bless him and we love to honor those who are doing it right. When God tells you do to something we must get moving. Respect and honor are lacking in our culture today but winners recognize others without being threatened. We should never wait until a funeral to compliment others and even encouragers need encouragement. A coach and spouse share something in common. The right one will make you and wrong one could break you. So proud of Coach Deion and I placed the order last week and I just landed in DC last Friday from ministering in St Louis, MO but I drove straight to the trophy store in MD to pick up the leadership award we mailed to Boulder, CO. I was at the Orioles game last night in Baltimore when friends were texting me sharing that he received it and posted on his social media platform. It’s humbling and he is well deserving. Coach Prime is a WINNER! I love how he honors the Lord and God used a football coach from Colorado over three decades ago to create Promise Keepers. It was a Christian outreach that touched millions of lives to make better men, leaders and husbands. Can’t wait to see what God does with Coach Prime. We all have a platform and we must use it for God’s glory. Blessings on Coach and his family and entire Colorado community. They are touching the nation and millions around the world. To God be the glory and cheering you on! Who can you encourage today? Be a blessing NOT a burden in the game of life to all you meet.