Human trafficking is a $150 Billion dollar business. It is in my opinion the greatest epidemic and evil of our lifetime. We have come a long way with race relations but we need to agree on that snatching, stealing and holding anyone against their will (regardless of age or race) is demonic and DEAD wrong! For over five years, I have served privately on a national task force to help fight this egregious behavior and business practice.

Seven years ago, I brought Erik Estrada (aka PONCH) from the tv hit show, “CHiPs” to my hometown of Southern Maryland to show his recent film “Finding Faith” and help educate parents, students and local citizens on the real problem of online predators stealing children for their own profit and pleasure. It is my honor to serve on a board with some well respected pro sports stars in NFL, NBA, MLB, WWE among others and have had recent meetings with an Ambassador at the Department of State, LT General from Army, Members of Congress, Cabinet agencies and partnering with other high level govt leaders, clergy, business exec, Hollywood stars, Grammy nominated musicians and more fighting the good fight.

One of the main pillars of our ministry as of late with Frank Shelton GLOBAL been fighting the private war and sadly most American’s have no clue it is happening here in our nation. It is no longer just third world countries or on other continents but children have been stolen right under the noses of parents close to home and neighboring WalMart parking lots coast to coast. The FBI says if a child is not recovered in the first 24-48 hours most likely they will never be found alive again. Predators and pimps also use sporting events with large groups of people to traffic and use transactions and order children as if ordering a pizza. This is pure evil! We have been meeting privately with survivors and past victims and in the process of designing state of the art technology to stop future transactions and rescuing victims. We have some exciting things planned for the near future and if you would be willing to partner with us please reach out to our office or DONATE today to help us fight this atrocity. You can donate online, write a check or PayPal and it is tax deductible. Together, we can do a WORLD of good and help is on the way!