Recently, I was blessed to reach out to Richard Thomas on Cameo. He played the iconic John Boy Walton on the incredible tv show “The Waltons” that touched millions. If we could ever use some good old family values it is today and my mother, Sharon helps with our ministry and she was moved to tears with his kind words. Richard is first class and he named Mom an “honorary Walton.” Several years ago, I was preaching at a church in Hurt, VA about half hour south of Lynchburg, VA. While racing to the service I saw a sign indicating the Walton’s author was birthed in that region of Virginia. What were the odds but after pulling over for a quick detour I met the actor who played Jim Bob Walton and we took a picture. Thankful to Richard for the most gracious shout out to my Mom and she really is a tremendous help to our ministry. Encouragement goes a long way and thank you Sharon Shelton for all you do for our family personally and professionally. Happy Mother’s Day in advance!

Frank & Jim Bob at the house in VA