LET US PRAY – The week of the National Day of Prayer it was an honor for Frank to be invited to be one of the main speakers and petition God in prayer. The event was held on Capitol Hill and John Whaley of Rooftop Ministries asked Frank Shelton to specifically pray that we would all have a burden for lost souls in these last days. The event was streamed LIVE around the world and Kathy Branzell who is the President of the National Day of Prayer was also a speaker on the program along with Peggy Nienaber of “Faith & Liberty” and Dr. Dave Kistler from “Hope to the Hill” Ministries. Let us continue to pray for our nation and sadly the White House failed to mention God in their address that week. If you are not praying to Christ, then you are just playing games. Frank’s parents were both employed at the United States Capitol while pregnant with him and he was born on President’s Weekend (Feb 20, 1972). It felt good to be back on the Hill to shine a light in dark times. God is not done with America! “In Jesus Name, Amen.”