HONORED to be invited back on Capitol Hill to be part of a panel at the Department of Education and speak at a round table discussion with Faith Based leaders from Dept. Education, Commerce, Homeland Security, Labor respectively and others including ministry leaders and school officials on the pressing issue of opioid epidemic, human trafficking [...]


Kenny and "Chopper" were two brothers. They were adopted and frequented the church I came to faith in JESUS as a child. They were African American and I was born into a middle class white family. Together we were "ebony and ivory." We were brothers in Christ and I looked up to them in more [...]

Got over God?

Excited to announce that my new book "CARRYING GREATNESS" is scheduled to be released early next year! So honored that Sheila Walsh - speaker with "WOMEN OF FAITH" and my buddy, Dave Sterrett of "I AM SECOND" both agreed to write endorsements for the book. Go God! One of the early chapters in the book, [...]

Bono & JESUS

Yesterday, my dear friend and fellow Evangelist Randy Hogue texted me the quote below. It touched me so much that immediately I added a picture of Bono and shared it on FB and less than 18 hours it got over 144 shares and scores of comments. Literally, because of friends sharing it with their social [...]


People ask me periodically why I shop at Walmart? With a smile but no less serious I share as a preacher of the Gospel I already have TARGET on my back! The truth is we are marked men (and women) when we live for God. The Bible reminds us "We are not ignorant of Satan's [...]

CHRISTmas 2012

This year has FLOWN by. Someone asked Dr. Billy Graham what surprised him most about life and without missing a beat the renown evangelist said: "BREVITY, how short it is." The Bible talks about our life being a "vapor." We are here today and could literally be gone tomorrow. In January 2012, I posted a [...]


Last month, on a leisure Friday afternoon I took my son, Andrew (turns four in January) to see "NEMO in 3-D" at the theater. It was a spur of the moment, un-planned, Daddy-Son date. Our 20 year old theater in my hometown of Waldorf, MD finally got a makeover adorned with brand new, red leather [...]