Got over God?

Excited to announce that my new book "CARRYING GREATNESS" is scheduled to be released early next year! So honored that Sheila Walsh - speaker with "WOMEN OF FAITH" and my buddy, Dave Sterrett of "I AM SECOND" both agreed to write endorsements for the book. Go God! One of the early chapters in the book, [...]

Bono & JESUS

Yesterday, my dear friend and fellow Evangelist Randy Hogue texted me the quote below. It touched me so much that immediately I added a picture of Bono and shared it on FB and less than 18 hours it got over 144 shares and scores of comments. Literally, because of friends sharing it with their social [...]

CHRISTmas 2012

This year has FLOWN by. Someone asked Dr. Billy Graham what surprised him most about life and without missing a beat the renown evangelist said: "BREVITY, how short it is." The Bible talks about our life being a "vapor." We are here today and could literally be gone tomorrow. In January 2012, I posted a [...]


Last month, on a leisure Friday afternoon I took my son, Andrew (turns four in January) to see "NEMO in 3-D" at the theater. It was a spur of the moment, un-planned, Daddy-Son date. Our 20 year old theater in my hometown of Waldorf, MD finally got a makeover adorned with brand new, red leather [...]


Back in October 2011, I called one of my childhood heroes and dear friend, MEADOWLARK LEMON. He answered the cell in his rich, deep voice and said: "Brother Frank!" It's a fact: "The Clown Prince of Basketball" always makes me laugh!! The Lord had laid him on my heart and I told him that the [...]


The above video was perhaps the most popular commercial in this year's SUPER BOWL. For starters, I love the Super Bowl. Secondly, I may be an adult but still a BIG Star Wars fan! Good vs Evil always interests me. Ruth & I loved the commercial for Volkswagon featuring the kid dressed up as the [...]

Out of Order

The Bible notes: "We are in the world but not of it." Over the years, I have seen some stuff. My dad recently sent me the above video clip of a Corvette stranded at sea. WHAT IS WRONG WITH THIS PICTURE? First, cars are not boats! Secondly, a brand-new $62,000 car has no business sailing. [...]


UPWARD is one of the most exciting, encouraging and evangelistic outreaches that I know. In life, I have a passion for my Savior, spouse, son (and daughter), siblings, sports and souls. It is my privilege to be a nationally endorsed speaker for both and Both groups are PHENOMENAL at reaching others with the [...]


A successful professional traveled the country offering hope to hurting people. His job kept him on the road at great lengths and was often in a different hotel weekly from town to town. One night after another long day at work he returned to his hotel room 1,700 miles away from home only to find [...]


This weekend, I had the privilege to preach four times in three days at the Fall Retreat for the junior high students at Immanuel Bible Church They had initially booked me back in the Spring for their retreat but had to cancel because not enough had signed up. For over ten years, I prayed to grow as [...]

Jamaica Jam! JESUS & Jamaica – May 30, 2011

JESUS & JAMAICA! What a combination!! The fact is, God loves the world so much that in the wise words of Max Lucado: "Jesus would rather die than live without you." It has been my privilege to be part of all three of Praisefest Ministries - "Cruise with a Cause" to the Bahamas (2006-2008). Dr [...]