As I grow older, my desire is to complain less and encourage more. For years, I have said “Better to be a good example than a poor excuse.” Very few things get my goat but one of them is the failure to use turn signals as a motorist on the road.

You have been there, seen them or at times even been one. You are sitting at a stop sign and cars are coming down the road and either intentionally or accidentally you wait (almost for eternity) to figure what another car is going to do and they FAIL to inform you and everyone else what direction they will go. This is not only selfish but delays time and progress. For a guy who lives on planes, trains and automobiles it is frustrating to say the least.

First of all, it is a PRIVILEGE to be on the road. We take way too much for granted and we all could be bicyclists or pedestrians instantly if our license was revoked. Secondly, it’s not only a privilege but a PRICE must be paid in order to drive. Insurance is not cheap to stay on the road these days and some not only drive nonchalantly but un-insured too. That is another blog for another day. Lastly, it is not PRODUCTIVE to others when we omit to publicly share the road or inform other motorists by use of our turn signals which way we are going.

BUCKLE UP – as frustrating as the rules of the road are and common courtesy this post is not just restricted to motorists but individuals who fail to use TURN SIGNALS by their lives on the freeway of life. My first sermon I preached was in 1982 (age 10). As President of John Hanson Middle School in 1985 (age 13), I had the privilege to speak daily to 1,100 students and faculty giving speeches and morning announcements. In 1998, I was ordained into the Gospel ministry at Cresthill Baptist Church in Bowie, MD and since that time I have officiated over 140 weddings and 80 funerals. Adam Sandler was the WEDDING SINGER but at one time I felt like a “wedding speaker.” Officiating weddings and funerals is an honor. Plus, I never waste an opportunity to preach the Gospel. At one funeral in 2003, I witnessed 65 bikers get saved after the message. GO GOD! The Lord allowed me years ago to learn that God is near to the broken-hearted. Plus, at funeral homes folks are “dying” to hear the Gospel Truth. The last funeral I preached two months ago in Maryland we had 23 souls trust Christ (at the funeral home)!!

Personally, when we love folks we can easily lead them. Leadership is more than looking over your shoulder to see if anyone is following you but are we following God and serving others. That is the question and that is leadership! Honestly, it is a travesty when an individual says they know Christ as Lord and Savior and yet by their conduct and conversations one has no clue whom their allegiance is for. It’s either for self, Satan or the only Savior, JESUS. Turn signals are to notify everyone we pass which direction we are heading. Laziness is not an excuse for driving or living. Just because you know where you are going doesn’t mean everyone else does. Driving is not selfish and either should Christians. Just because a preacher may give you kind remarks at your funeral doesn’t mean God will give you a pass if we failed to make things right with Him before death. Our only hope is accepting “by faith” the sacrifice of Christ on the cross and believing in His death, burial and resurrection. Without Him we are hopeless. However, to the Christian death is not a hopeless end but endless hope.

“STYX” in the 80’s sang a powerful song “SHOW ME THE WAY.” May we all take an inventory of our life and stop living for self and honor God and all those around us. Watch and read the lyrics to the song below and we cannot be content going through the motions but must be INTENTIONAL with our lives.

Repentance (means to turn around and forsake the error of our ways). TURN or BURN is not popular preaching but it is Biblical. Today, may we not only drive differently but live openly that all whom see us coming have no doubt where we are heading. Both in this life and the one to come. People are watching, lives are at stake, time is of the essence and more than ever – PEOPLE NEED THE LORD. Good Christians “keep the faith” but commited one’s SHARE THEIR FAITH. True, we find only ONE WAY to Heaven but life is not a one way street. As kids of the King, we need to be loyal, loving and LEAD the Way to JESUS! By God’s grace, I don’t pray if Heaven is real – I know it is and I can no longer be satisfied driving without the concern of everyone else. On the road of life, may we DRIVE all DOUBT away for all who see us us pass by. That is not only good for motorists but messengers of the Gospel. Just because you know where you are going doesn’t mean everyone else does. In the lyrics of STYX may we all use our “turn signals” and SHOW THEM THE WAY!