It was an honor to return to FOX NEWS LIVE this weekend, April 6 (Good Friday) with Lauren Green on “SPIRITED DEBATE” to talk about various issues ranging from Easter, pending lawsuits on college campuses related to religious groups among students and the role faith and prayer is already playing in Presidential politics. It was a privilege to be on the panel with Lauren and guest Rabbi Steve Burg talking about life, love and the Lord.

Society suggests that “politics and religion” don’t mix and most prefer we dismiss them all together but being born in Washington, D.C. that is practically all I have ever known. Ironically, my mother almost went into labor with me while she worked for the U.S. Capitol Historical Society in 1972, and I could have been delivered in the Halls of Congress. Most come to Washington to run but I could joke: “I was BORN to work here!” 🙂 The Lord has really blessed and today (like the Apostle Paul) desire daily to die to self and live for God to bless others. Indeed, it was a true honor to serve God and Country while working two decades on Capitol Hill. Today, my focus is trying to get JESUS elected into the hearts of humanity.

Honestly, the things we need to talk about the most some prefer to sweep them under the carpet but it is a privilege to share insight, humor and the Gospel Truth. Please pray for all my friends at Fox News and media outlets around the globe. It’s not easy being on the front lines and they need our prayers and support. Please continue to keep all our elected leaders in prayer. People need the Lord.

It is true pertaining to Easter that had Jesus remained dead He would just be another man murdered but because He arose from the grave that proves He alone is the Messiah. The resurrection reminds us all that the Lord not only loves but LIVES! As kids of the King, we don’t serve a dead god but the Living Lord!!