What an honor it was last week to be part of the Field of Dreams evangelistic outreach in Dyersville, Iowa on May 20-21, 2022. My dear friend, Bruce from Tampa connected me with his pastor friend in Iowa who was hosting this incredible event on the very baseball field that Kevin Costner and Hollywood made famous in the middle of a cornfield three decades ago. Bruce shared while I was wrapping up a revival in Bonita Springs, FL that I would be a great addition to the incredible lineup that FCA leader Michael DeJong was hosting. To Michael’s credit he graciously added me to the program when it was already set and God moved mightily in that two day outreach.

It was a double blessing to bring Andrew for the trip and experience it firsthand. Unfortunately, it is too rare that we are on the road together and the entire lineup was incredible and the two main ministers were 4x World Series Winner Darryl Strawberry & MLB player Ron Shepherd. Darryl and I have been friends for a couple years now and it was my honor to be part of the program. My message on Friday night to a packed crowd was in baseball terms we must go back to FIRST base. Many lost their first love to Christ. Regarding second base, may it be a sobering reminder that every SECOND counts and time to reach souls is short. Similar to the Ark, once the door is shut it’s too late and souls die. Pertaining to THIRD, we cannot lose because as born again Christians we have the Trinity in our corner and all power is given to us to build the Kingdom. Lastly, we need to finish strong and point many Home.

When Darryl gave the invitation we saw scores respond to the Gospel. Michael and his team had already set up a baptismal tank on the field and several were baptized in right field! It was appropriate it was in RIGHT because we don’t want anyone LEFT out when Christ splits the sky! What a treat to see the field in person and tour the home and even sit in the swing. What better place than a cornfield to see a harvest and now is the time for the Church to think out of the box and reach the lost. What assignment, calling, dream or vision is God giving you? My mentor shared long ago, “If you don’t see it before you see it than you will NEVER see it.” At times, folks make thing you are crazy but my motto lately is, if it doesn’t seem CRAZY it may not be of CHRIST. The Lord calls us not to the easy but a position to watch Him do the IMPOSSIBLE. It is true, if you build it not only they will come but HE will too. People need the Lord!

Dreams still come true but life is a nightmare to die without Christ. Hell is too long to be wrong and now is the time to swing for the fence.