BREAKING NEWS – Praise the Lord! It’s official!! We are expanding!!! So grateful for Christian Television Network – South Florida who will start April 1 airing our TV Show #ByFaith with Frank Shelton FIVE nights per week! Over 2.5 Million additional homes across multiple counties will be able to watch us on television.The station reaches from Melbourne, Cape Canaveral (Space Shuttle), Vera Beach, Jupiter, Boca Raton & West Palm Beach. Sly Stallone and Donald Trump live in WPB (Maralago) and you never know who could be flipping through the channel and hear the Gospel. Everyone needs JESUS! Our television ministry is now reaching over 315 Million homes across FOUR continents and 120 nations on TV, radio, DirecTV, Dish and cable (not counting online and social media). Sometime the show consists of Frank preaching on the road, or interviewing friends in studio. We have had Grammy nominated artists, beloved authors, Christian recording artists, world-class athletes, Hollywood actors, powerful preachers and folks who LOVE Jesus! We are coast to coast across America and check our listings when you can catch us (TV & Radio Listings). All glory to God! Thank you Mike and your team for allowing us to partner with you! Thank you to our prayer warriors and donors and if you like to partner with us you can donate