PRAYERS NEEDED! – Friends, I’ve been invited to make several trips to Paris, France to help promote and build relationships with key leaders and churches for the upcoming 2024 Olympics. This will be my fourth Olympiad as a chaplain and Dr. Sam Mings of Lay Witnesses For Christ International asked me to go in advance to help pave the way! Lord willing; I will be there this month (June 20-27). God is moving! I was invited by a pastor in Paris to submit a video greeting of me to 300 clergy at a ministry conference this past week in Europe. With the Lord’s help, we are scouting our chaplain hospitality center for housing for next year and assembling an incredible team in advance to equip and train the city to reach souls for Christ. We will also be hosting leader lunches, prayer rallies and preaching revival services getting folks excited not just about the Olympics but our need for Christ.Time is ticking.
These preliminary trips and teaching evangelism, mobilizing churches, training Christians, encouraging pastors and building friendships will help create an atmosphere of praise ushering the presence of God. Paris needs our help! We’re hoping to host a prayer event this Fall to take pastors on top of the iconic Eiffel Tower and pray for the city. Jesus looked over Jerusalem and wept because they resembled sheep having no Shepherd. Help is on the way! Our chaplain team (past and present) includes USA gold medalists, pro athletes, NBA chaplains, Harlem Globetrotter, World Record Holders, Dallas Cowboys cheerleader, Christian recording artists, powerful preachers and gifted evangelists. My buddy, Randy Shepherd from Crossfire Ministries in NC is coming for his sixth Olympics as a chaplain. The late Dr. Charles Stanley fromFBC of Atlantawas our host pastor during the1996 Olympicsin Georgia. In my past labors with the Olympics, I have never invested this much preparation going into the event. They are asking me to come at least 3-4 times across the pond leading up to next summer’s Olympic Games.I am humbly asking that you travel with us on this trip(prayerfully and financially). We are already making attempts to connect with some of their government leaders and discuss other exciting possibilities. Our ministry is faith based and donations are tax deductible. This may sound glamorous but will be countless hours invested in next year.  We are never more like Christ whengivingand forgiving. Note: Giving in both words.
Please pray to help us with this mission. If you are a pastor or church member, ask if you would support us from your missions’ budget. Perhaps you are a business owner and could help underwrite this mission. Airfare overseas is increasing by the day and pray about sponsoring a flight. My airfare this month was $2,000 USD and when you make multiple trips the price adds quickly not counting food and lodging. I am not getting paid for my involvement but God called me to it and when He guides – He provides. In the past, I was trained by the Billy Graham Evangelistic Assoc to reach counties and cities for Christ and now we have a chance to reach an entire country and continents during the Olympics outreach. Ministry is a team effort and we are trusting God to start buying the other tickets soon. We mail 700 newsletters monthly and if everyone began sending the “widow’s mite” of $25 per month that would be $17,500 per month! To her credit she gave all she had.  Could you spare some change? Some could give much more but we need ALL HANDS-ON DECK!! Someone reading today could donate $10,000 and never miss it. You can submit a check or cash in enclosed envelope or autopay on our website This would be a HUGE blessing and we treasure your prayers but we need your support more than ever. This is a chance to influence some of the most gifted athletes in the world and while our Olympians are going for gold I’m going for God. Our team saw 1,054 souls saved during the 2016 Olympics in Brazil. Visit our website to see pics from previous Olympics outreach on our new blog post. Thank you for your prayers and support. #Evangelism
Olympian of Century - CARL LEWIS Randy Shepherd, Kevin Durant & Jamie Johnson Frank & Russian OIympian