Frank in the last two weeks was blessed to tour some incredible sports venues. Last Thursday, he had the honor to travel with Big 3 Chaplain Bill Alexson on August 24 departing Dulles for Heathrow Airport in England and speak at chapel to the players, coaches, owners, family members before big game on August 26, 2023 @ iconic 02 arena in London. Ice Cube, George Gervin, Clyde Drexler, “Dr. J,” Charles Oakley, Lisa Leslie, Nancy Lieberman and so many others have done a phenomenal job creating this incredible 3×3 basketball league. Bill and Frank were both chaplains together during 2012 Olympics in London and Bill for two decades was the chaplain to the Boston Celtics. Frank shared a powerful message entitled ABOVE THE RIM. When we play for ego, self and our own glory we are playing a TEMPORAL game but when we play for God’s Name and fame we are playing at an ETERNAL life. When we use our platform for God’s glory we play above the rim and point people to Him (Christ). The Bible says, “whatever your hand finds to do – do it for God’s glory.” Frank shared to the players, “We can break ankles for the Almighty, dunk for The Divine and hit the jumper for JESUS.” The loved it! Praise God and blessings to all @ Big 3.

The week before, Frank was invited to preach at Heartland Christian Center in North Judson, IN and they decided to make a pit stop to visit the HOOSIERS GYM in Knightstown, Indiana where the movie classic was filmed starring Gene Hackman and Dennis Hooper. What a treat for Andrew and Frank to visit the historic gym and not only take the tour but shoot for an hour on that original parquet floor. Frank was a tad nervous playing on the same court that Jimmy Chitwood made famous and he breathed a silent prayer and from about sixteen feet out he hit his first eight out of ten jumpers. The OG still has it! That movie was a modern day “David vs Goliath” when Coach Norman Dale took the small town team to win the 1952 State Championships. Some consider it one of the greatest sports movies in Hollywood history. They toured the locker room and everything was just like it was half a century ago! A pic of Larry Bird, Magic Johnson & LeBron James was on display in that gym and dreams still come true. Frank did a video on FB and scores loved it and the goal height is the same at that very gym as the ones at Madison Square Garden to Olympic courts world-wide. Frank can confirm that the they are also the same at the 02 Arena in London. It is not only imperative to go back to basics but visit where you first dreamed and even when you make it down the road never forget where you come from. What a blessing to visit both in two weeks and it is encouraging when small town dreams become big league reality. Praise God and what are the odds but while in the lobby of the 02 Hotel, Frank ran into Jonathan Cain – keyboardist of the legendary JOURNEY rock band who wrote, “Don’t Stop Believing.” The Lord really orders our steps and is the Alpha & Omega. God is the Dream Maker and we don’t honor Him daydreaming small. Swing for the fence, hit that buzzer beater and knock out the larger than life obstacles because with faith in God – “ALL things are possible to those who believe.”

02 Arena