We just returned this past week on an INCREDIBLE trip to the Holy Land with Grammy Winner Michael English. The Lord met with us in a powerful way and we had just shy of 90 people on our trip filling up two buses. Folks came from coast to coast and I had the JOY of bringing 57 of my own family and friends on this trip. It went so well that we just added following the footsteps of the Apostle Paul in Italy the Spring of 2021. JOIN US!!

The group walked where JESUS walked and we spent EIGHT days and SEVEN nights taking in the sites. We toured Bethlehem to Nazareth and visited the Sea of Galilee and toured the Garden Tomb in Jerusalem. The tomb of Christ is the only tourist attraction in the world where folks come from miles around to stand and look at absolutely nothing because we don’t serve a dead god but Living Lord! What an honor it was to give communion just outside the empty tomb and a highlight for me was baptizing a dozen people in the Jordan River and icing on the cake was baptizing my son, Andrew. Following his baptism a white dove came out of nowhere and almost landed on him. Truly, this is my son and whom I am well pleased.

It was also a privilege to assist and be in the water with Michael English when he got baptized by Pastor James from Texas and it was an honor to MC the event at the incredible Jerusalem Pavilion. Michael brought the house down and he asked me to give a Gospel message immediately following his concert and gave an altar call inviting folks to respond to Christ and we had souls saved in Israel. It doesn’t get much better than that and Thanksgiving and Christmas came early!

We saw Golgotha “Place of a Skull” where Christ was crucified at Calvary and it was humbling to be both where the Lord died and arose from the grave! With bringing friends on this recent tour of the Holy Land I have been asked to already bring several groups in 2020. To date, I have already assisted 12 groups whom will be taking FIVE trips in 2020. In addition to my own ministry I am assisting part time with ICON Destinations and if you are a church leader and like more info please reach out to me Frank@IconDestinations.com We can give you a FREE a trip and compensation to bring your group in the future. This week we have reached out to other award winning artists to possibly travel with us and check out the Icon website above.