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New Discipleship Ministry For Legislators Launched In DelawarePastor Franklin Shelton begins a new Capitol Ministries discipleship Bible study this week to state representatives in Dover, Delaware’s Legislative Hall, and while he is teaching, senior pastors and teams in local churches will be covering him in prayer.

Six legislators are expected to attend the first weekly luncheon Bible study in the caucus room directly off the house floor that was reserved for that purpose by sponsor Rep. Charles Postles, Jr., District 33.

Beginning this week, each time legislators gather for study, senior pastors and prayer teams will meet simultaneously in churches around Delaware to pray for them, and afterward, they will read the same Bible study.

Supportive prayer was used to fortify and strengthen legendary Baptist preacher Charles Spurgeon, one of the most powerful evangelists of the 1800s. Pastor Shelton recalled a story about the team of deacons who gathered to pray in a basement room directly beneath the pulpit whenever Spurgeon was preaching.

“Prayer is where the power comes from,” Pastor Shelton said. “When people are praying God does the preaching.”

The Delaware pastors learned about the study from a friend of Pastor Shelton’s whom he describes as a “man of God.” The friend felt led to contact pastors he knew and hopes to increase the number of participating churches over time.

This prayer effort is unifying among churches and important at a time when many pastors are telling congregations not to become involved in politics, he said.

“A main reason the nation is in the shape it is in is because too many godly men and women in the pews have been told to sit on the sidelines. Some pastors even tell Christians not to vote, and many tell their members not to engage in the public square.”

“Political leaders are being hit from all sides, and when they are told by their pastors that they are wasting their time in politics, they’ve got to be rethinking their choices. They need to know they are supported and they need someone inside the capitol to tell them the Truth of God’s Word. When we get our strength from God, we run on all cylinders.”

Pastor Shelton recalled a U.S. Representative who told attendees at the Capitol Ministries Fall Training Conference that he only felt safe in two places: working out in the gym at 3 a.m. and in the Capitol Ministries Bible study on Capitol Hill.

“Our political leaders are begging to be fed and they are begging for support,” Pastor Shelton said.

Lawmaker’s spouses are also invited to attend the Bible study. “Sitting side by side learning the Word of God together will strengthen marriages and make stronger servants in office,” Pastor Shelton said.

Spouses are also invited to attend the Washington, D.C. Bible studies that Ralph Drollinger, President of Capitol Ministries, teaches to members of the White House Cabinet, U.S. Senate, and House.

Starting this week with Should Believers Be Involved in Politics, Pastor Shelton said he will teach studies that Drollinger has taught on the Hill. In the coming weeks, he will teach Sexual Sin and the Aphrodisiac of PowerUnderstanding Separation of Church and State; Four Common Characteristics in Three Uncommon Leaders; and Is God Judging America Today?

“The Word is our compass,” Pastor Shelton said. “We get misguided and misdirected if we miss quiet time with the Lord and miss spending time in God’s Word. If we don’t hear His voice, we forget His values and then we have no victory.

“If we are to make a difference in this world, we must look to God’s Word. It has been said, this book will keep you from sin, and sin will keep you from this book. We must get right with God. If we are not right with God, we are not good for anybody.”


Setting the Record Straight

LobeLog and writer Eli Clifton Mislead Readers about Ralph Drollinger and Capitol Ministries

Presenting opinion as fact and using inflammatory attacks, the positions of Ralph Drollinger and Capitol Ministries are unfairly characterized in a March 21, 2018 story issued by the online publication LobeLog written by Eli Clifton.

Read our full response here.

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