This summer was WILD! It started off ministering in Nicaragua and then TEN states later we are exiting the summer and entering the FALL. We were blessed to minister coast to coast and even served and preached in Anchorage, Alaska with our dear friends Everett & Cathy Aaron of JUDAH 1 Airlines. The Lord opened the door for me to preach LIVE for an hour in San Diego, CA and then returned to Victory Baptist Church just outside of Dallas, TX. What a treat to preach in Atlanta, GA and back in Tampa, FL with my good friends, Dr. Rodney & Adonica Howard Browne. Pastor invited me to speak at his Kingdom Business Fellowship at the great River Church and our son, Andrew absolutely LOVED their kids camp.

While back in the Sunshine State I was blessed to return and be a guest on “The Good Life” TV Show with Bob & Jane D’Andrea @ Christian Television Network. The show aired on DISH and DirecTV and cable outlets around the world. This episode we talked about my FORTY year anniversary as a born again Christian. It was July 1979 at age seven that I gave my life to Christ. It is also the 40th anniversary of CTN being on the air sharing the Word with the world. So thankful for their ministry and it is always a JOY to be with those precious friends and their reward in Heaven will be huge. My buddy, Jayson Williams of The River Church in Tampa, FL also accompanied me to the set that day and we had a blast. Enjoy the program below and I was a guest for the entire hour. May the show inspire you to give your all for the cause of Christ. We find NO regrets when honoring God.