Earlier this year, Ruth and I had the privilege to attend Pastor Rodney Howard Browne’s Winter Camp Meeting in Florida and it was an honor to preach daily in the morning for their incredible River Bible Institute chapel.

We were visiting in his office after one of the services and he asked me a question that I guess hundreds of people have asked me, “Frank how many times have you been to El Salvador?” I paused, looked down at my shoes and replied, “unfortunately haven’t yet had the privilege to visit Ruth’s homeland.” It’s not that I didn’t have a desire but between limited finances and free time it just hasn’t transpired. Some have asked almost as if I loved Ruth enough to marry her but because I hadn’t been to her home country perhaps I wasn’t sincere.

Without missing a beat this precious man of God said, “We are going to treat you and your family to El Salvador.” Ruth wept instantly in his office and it was her hidden prayer request that we could go together. My mouth was on the floor and what no one knew I wrote the night before at their camp meeting in a notebook I jotted 20 nations that I would like to either visit or minister but what no one knew was that El Salvador was number one on my list. I prayed to honor Ruth and her family and see her beautiful country.

Another blessing was when her family knew this door opened her siblings now living in Texas to Canada started planning to return as well. The Lord used Pastors Rodney & Adonica in multiple ways by making this dream a reality. Praise God we all reunited and it was the first time her family had returned to her childhood home for a reunion in 34 years! My father in law has preached for five decades all across El Salvador and early in his ministry he often walked by foot. His children would lovingly await his return and had a basin of water and would wash his dirty feet and tend to the callouses that formed while walking endless miles sharing the Good News. The Bible says, “Blessed are the feet that bring Good News.” We were also blessed to celebrate with over 60 family and friends for his 76th birthday while in town. What a blessing!

Pastor Rodney and his amazing wife, Adonica and team graciously paid for my family’s flights, hotels and rental car. Thanks to Maryluz Gonzalez from Maryland and formerly of El Salvador graciously opened door for us to minister in two different churches. We are here by God’s grace and the selflessness of others and while in town we saw 100 souls profess Christ as Savior and hundreds responded to the altar call. Glory to God!  People are hungry for a move of God and Lord willing, we may return in the future to preach a series of revival meetings in that region. The embers of revival ignited and I am certain they are ripe for a fire to ignite and scores would be saved. Please pray for the pastors and precious people of that great nation. God bless El Salvador. One pastor noted, “we have not had a revival in over 20 years and I believe now is the time!”

Pastor Rodney has ministered to millions but he constantly ministers to ministers and once again he ministered to me and my family. He is not only a general in God’s Army but one of the most generous men I have ever met. We have never quite had a family vacation like this before and we are deeply touched and refreshed by their generosity and love for God. Thank you, praise the Lord and we love you!