2016 Olympics in RIO

God > Gold
  Thank you for all your prayers while in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil for the XXXI Olympiad. It was a treat to hold TWO Olympic gold medals and what an honor to return under the leadership of Dr. Sam Mings who has ministered at every Olympics since 1984 summer games in Los Angeles. Dr. Mings is founder of Lay Witnesses For Christ International and this was the second summer Olympics (London 2012 & Rio 2016) I had honor to serve as a chaplain to olympians and fans around the globe.


            Jesus is Lord of The Rings @ Copacabana Beach – RIO


 While in Rio, we watched God save over 1,054 souls and we had an amazing time and team. Bruce Crevier is a four time Guinness Record holder and he and his wife and 12 kids performed at Game 6 of NBA Finals this year during halftime of Warriors-Cavaliers game. He can spin 21 basketballs at one time and holds record for spinning a basketball for 23 consecutive hours. They are absolutely amazing!


  We had a former Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader with us with Paul &Annette Pitts. Paul is one of America’s greatest tenors and in talks with Tyler Perry about producing a upcoming project. Ronnie Dean “The Preaching Machine,” Apostle Fred Berry, Pastor Gaylan from TX and so many selfless servants. What made the difference were the prayers of you and anointed leaders on the scene like Teresa McMillan and the entire LWFCI team. Our translators were SECOND to NONE and all the hospitality and admin people were over the top! So thankful for Michelle Oliveira, Bianca Cunha, Luciana, Paula and every single person. Without one of them the mission would not have been as successful. The greatest are the servants and it was a great honor for me to serve with them!


  Randy Shepherd of CrossFire Ministries is one of my dear friends and he is one of the very few people on Earth to be endorsed by Michael Jordan. Randy played basketball with MJ @ Nike Camp when they both were 16 years old and have remained friends since. Great pic of Randy and Carmelo Anthony moments after winning gold medal for Men’s Basketball.


Carmelo Anthony
 TEAM USA Gold Medalist Carmelo Anthony & 
LWFCI Chaplain Randy Shepherd
Doug Collins

Coach Doug Collins – played @ Dr J & NBA coach to Michael Jordan

DeMarcus Cousins

Randy & DeMarcus Cousins – USA Basketball gold medalist

(Frank, Randy, Gabrielle (Olympian) & Dr. Sam Mings)

 We had honor to share the Gospel with gold medalists, silver medalists, bronze medalists and countless others. I had honor to be at the USA Women’s Basketball game when they won gold and the National Anthem STILL gives me goose bumps! What a JOY to be there in person when they received the gold around their neck.


Basketball Game


  We led THREE Uber drivers to Christ and Randy & I led our taxi cab driver to Christ and gave him a basketball on way out door!


Taxi Driver trusted Christ as Savior


 While in line to see the iconic CHRIST THE REDEEMER statue the team shared the Gospel with a family of four and they trusted the Lord as their personal Savior. Two hours later, I ran into them on top of the mountain overlooking the gorgeous Rio skyline and they took a picture of the outstretched arms of Christ. The moment almost moved me to tears because while in line they came to meet a STATUE but they left knowing the SAVIOR!



  I was told early in our ministry that EVERYONE matters to God. While ministering to the powerful and prominent we also went to the poorest of the poor into what locals told us was the most dangerous area in Rio ironically called “The City of God.” We encountered a drug lord who met the bus when we arrived and even most local police don’t like to enter that region. The drug lord had an AK-47 strapped around his back and a gun with a clip on his waist. He was riding a dirt bike with no shirt and very muscular. We were told to NOT get off the bus but what broke my heart was two children about five or six years old were climbing out of a dumpster looking for food. I broke orders and was first off the bus and followed them half a block before catching up with them and gave them Brazilian money from my pocket. I wish I could have done so much more!


  Arrogance is when we depend on self. Confidence is when we depend on GOD. The Lord gave me great CONFIDENCE and when the drug lord approached us I went up to him, looked him in the eye, shook his hand and with a smile from Heaven began to talk to him with a Portuguese translator. A friend got a pic of us hugging with the machine gun strapped to his back.  He gave us permission to be on “his” property and we were going to host a evangelistic outreach within the hour in the impoverished community. It literally looked like a war zone. Kids running with no shoes, playing soccer on a dirt field littered with concrete bricks and broken blocks and bottles. Nothing but dust and dirt and military helicopters occasionally flying above.


We began to go door to door inviting folks with our translator to attend the basketball ministry outreach IN THE MOST DANGEROUS PART OF RIO. They were small humble huts with no floors but dirt, tin roof and equipped with no door. Very dark, very bleak and very vulnerable. Desperation was everywhere but the Holy Spirit was in the air!


 We led many to Christ before the event even started and after connecting with well over one hundred residents I noticed a motorcycle coming towards us and once again here comes the drug lord. He stopped and Randy and I said a silent prayer and we talked to him again. Randy looked him square in the eye and with the love of God and authority of Heaven boldly shared to him point blank (still with two guns on him) “You are a warrior.” The drug lord replied, “yes.” Randy went on to say, “But you are a warrior for the enemy.” At this juncture, I was trying to recall what I had for dinner the night before because it very well may have been my “Last Supper.” However, I knew those words came from God above and he after a pause he acknowledged that and no longer seemed proud of that fact. Randy, said with love – “But you need to become a warrior for God.” After translation he agreed and Randy shared the Gospel with him and within five minutes he REPENTED of SIN, professed Christ as SAVIOR and was born again into the family of God.


 As long as I live I will not forget what happened next, Randy began to spin the basketball on his finger like he had a million times before and hopped on back of the former drug Lord’s motorcycle and with a machine gun between him and the new converted man to Christ and the two rode back towards where the outreach would begin. The drug lord began to invite everyone he saw encourages them all to attend the evangelistic event. Just like Saul to Paul this drug lord was now an evangelist pointing the Way and drawing a crowd. Another 250 souls were saved at that outreach! Glory to God!! On these Olympic outreaches we have seen Muslim Priests come to faith in Christ and now a drug lord. The Grace of God is not only greater than gold but greater than our guilt! #ThatWillPreach

Out of respect to him and the local pastor who lives there we were told not to post his image on social media because they could be killed. However the drug lord’s Aunt is married to a pastor in town and when she saw him she wept like Niagara Falls and said “his countenance has changed and you can clearly see the glow of God on his face.” Salvation changes EVERYTHING! We posted tons of pics on Facebook from our ministry during the Olympics and we got thousands of views and comments and grateful for everyone who helped prayed and provided to make the trip possible. Some plant – others water but the Lord brings the increase.

Dr Mings & Carl Lewis

What a treat to reunite with nine time gold medalist Carl Lewis (above) and we spoke at an event together in RIO for our “Night of the Olympians” and I had honor to preach a multiple churches while in town and God rocked the House at every outreach. USA gold medalist Joe DeLoach called me up on stage to pray over a current Olympian from Zambabwe and he ran against Bolt from Jamaica. What an honor to lay hands over him and pray for him with two Olympians in front of a packed crowd but even greater an audience of One. The Lord was so good to us and many precious friends out of sincere concern pleaded and begged me not to go but I knew that God said, “go” and I was going. The safest place to be is in the will of God and I rather die in FAITH than live in fear.

Azerbaijan Olympian Wrestlers

Azerbaijan Olympic Wrestlers

Great Britain Olympic Gold Rowing

Great Britain Olympic Gold Medalist Rowing 

Team USA Rugby

Team USA Olympic Female Rugby Player

New Zealand Silver Medalist

Olympic New Zealand Silver Medalists Rugby

Gold Medalists Bolt's shoes

   (Jamaican Bolt’s special edition GOLD Puma shoes)

On the midnight flight out of Rio to Sao Paulo, Brazil God had me on a commercial plane packed with Olympians trying to get home. I often feel like a pawn on His chess board moving me to where He would have me go next. Tis so sweet to trust in Jesus! NEVER let fear hold you back from accomplishing your assignment by faith. God is indeed greater than gold. #PraiseTheLord


About the Author:

Part author, comedian & visionary but FULL communicator of Biblical Truth, Frank Shelton travels the globe pointing people to a personal relationship with Jesus. He shares HUMOR, celebrity impressions and powerful life stories that Exalt the Savior, Encourage the Saints and Evangelizes the Sinner desiring to build God's Kingdom not his. Frank has a God given gift to "dial in" to those disconnected from God and hung up in life. He is an evangelist and encourager and ideal for students, singles and Sunday services speaking over 200 dates per year at various venues. Three times he has addressed audiences over 100,000 but just as content preaching in the country church but his passion is going after ONE more soul before its eternally too late.


  1. Aileen Rose September 16, 2016 at 3:24 am - Reply

    Over ONE THOUSAND souls saved in Rio during the Olympics this past WEEK!!!
    PRAISE THE LORD! So excited to see Jesus using my friend Frank Shelton for God’s glory!!!
    Come on church…this is something we need to CELEBRATE!!!
    ONE THOUSAND PEOPLE became Children of the Most High God this week! CAN WE GET AN AMEN!?!?!?!

  2. Zenon Andrusyshyn September 16, 2016 at 3:25 am - Reply

    A rewarding experience being ambassadors for Jesus Christ.

  3. Mary Shanks September 16, 2016 at 3:25 am - Reply

    The crown that you will receive when He says Well done my good and faithful Servant…is much greater than any praise or crowns that you can receive down here. Great is your reward in heaven. Safe travels back to the USA Bro. Frank and May God bless you for your faithfulness in reaching the loss for His glory!

  4. Lori Jean Robins September 16, 2016 at 3:26 am - Reply

    How unbelievably amazing is this!! Frank Shelton this is what it is all about!!! You are in Sam and I prayers! We love watching you being the hands and feet of our Lord!

  5. Keith Westbrooks September 16, 2016 at 3:27 am - Reply

    You go Frank!! The good news of Jesus knows no bounds or limits!! Go tell the whole world!!! Cant wait to see and hear you preach again in Alabama soon!!!

  6. Josh Liske September 16, 2016 at 3:28 am - Reply

    Frank, you are amazing. I love your tenacity to bring the gospel of Jesus to wherever you go. My father Peter Liske & you are so much alike in that arena. Thanks for being my friend! We got to get you to Seattle bro

  7. Dr Sam Mings September 16, 2016 at 3:29 am - Reply

    THESE ARE TWO OF GODS CHOICEST SERVANTS ‘FRANK SHELTON & RANDY SHEPHERD. How I love & admire them and each of the Team Members..

  8. Matt Cooper September 16, 2016 at 3:29 am - Reply

    Awesome. We partner with a church planting organization in the state of Minas Gerais, north of Rio….Project 70. The Lord is working in a mighty way in Brazil!

  9. Wendy Pope September 16, 2016 at 3:30 am - Reply

    Of all the Golds given these last 2 weeks, those souls are the most valuable! Thank you Frankie for all that you do in Christ!

  10. Tony Nolan September 16, 2016 at 3:30 am - Reply

    GET IT!!!!

  11. David Monday September 16, 2016 at 3:31 am - Reply

    Bro. Frank your a true servant for our awesome Lord….your a gospel preaching ‘Rockstar’ brother and I’m thankful and blessed to know you! I’m also thankful and blessed by your updates and posts! God Bless my friend and the whole team there!

  12. Pastor Mark September 16, 2016 at 3:32 am - Reply

    Dear Frank and Randy, Wow a blessing and encouragement you guys are. You are amazing! I know one of our works is in the largest favela in São Paulo. I remember the day Denis the drug lord got saved along with his wife studying to be a Jehovah’ witness. We praise the Lord they I had the honor in baptizing them both a couple of years ago. When you are in the center of God’s will you are right where you need to be. You guys have been an inspiration to this missionary couple that has gone through it with our ministry but like my wife”s says, “His Grace, a Battle won”. As we sit in a hospital with my wife recovering from surgery tonight after falling our of a chairs and badly fracturing her ankle we THANK YOU Guys. Thank you guys for being an example to us. Thank you for encouraging us to keep on keeping on winning souls that God gives us. We had two young ladies saved Sunday night in the favela. What an opportunity Randy you could have sharing your gift as well as Frank here in São Paulo. God bless you guys you continue win souls and see lives changed for HIM!!!

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