This brother, Nick Hall has an amazing assignment from the Lord. Since youth, he has been telling anyone and everyone about the Lord. God opened incredible doors for him to speak on campus while a student and that spread to a movement on multiple college campuses. After seeing firsthand how the respected crusades and festivals were run by Billy Graham Evangelistic Assoc, Dr Luis Palau and others respectively he got a glimpse of what God can do when folks are surrendered and sold out to JESUS. The Lord lit a fire in him that wouldn’t die and then God opened another door for him to be the tour pastor @ Winter Jam ministering to over 10,000 each night a cities across the Country. He was blessed to speak at various outdoor festivals and God laid on his heart with the help of the Holy Spirit to UNITE the Church and come TOGETHER!




The Lord impressed on him to bring this prayer and praise rally to Washington, DC. As a kid, I saw Billy Graham preach in Washington, DC. I was at Promise Keeper’s in the intense heat as a college student and served on various evangelistic efforts in Washington (city of my birth) as an adult. I even proposed to my wife on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial where Dr. King gave his iconic “Dream” speech. After enduring a nightmare we both realize dreams come true! #ThankYouJesus Over a year ago, I heard that Nick was bringing this outreach to Washington and I just knew we had to help in any and every way to spread the Word. Like many others, we prayed, fasted and begged God for a revival in our hearts, nation and world. Praise God it is here! The Mall resembles the task – HUGE! However, when we come TOGETHER we can watch God do a MIGHTY work.  This is truly a one man show – but NOT who you think. Its bigger than a ministry or minister but the MESSIAH, Jesus – The Christ! It’s His Show and we are just shining a spot light on the Savior. We are trusting God for over ONE MILLION souls on the National Mall. This is a missions trip NOT ego trip.


The Time is NOW

America doesn’t just need a reset or revival but the House of God does. Christians and the Church need a reset, repent and REVIVAL will come. We cannot be content with the status quo or applaud mediocrity. A missionary after spending time in the U.S.A. returning home was asked in China what they thought of the Christian Church? He said, “What impressed me most was how much they can do without the Holy Spirit.” WOW! That was not a compliment but complaint and clarion call that we need to get right with God. When we are not RIGHT with the Lord too many will be LEFT out. Everyone wants to change the world but not everyone desires to allow God to totally convict and correct us. Time is running out and I had a friend recently who met privately with one of America’s most powerful political figures and he said “these are urgent times.”  When politicians realize we need God than we must take note. Ministry – URGENCY = Catastrophe Society looks at watches but the saints look at the Bible and we can picture prophetically an hour glass and time is running out. Soon, the trumpet will sound and the Lord will return and it is high time we set aside petty differences, unite and rally around not just a cause but Christ and the cross. This is the time, now is the opportunity of a life time and we cannot miss this moment. Denomination in Greek means division and let’s UNITE. My goodness if the “BeatlesCan Come Together – Why not us? Why not now? It is time to stand up and stop sitting on the sidelines. See you in DC and welcome to not only my hometown but we welcome JESUS the Star of the show. For more info visit TOGETHER