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After having the message in me for four decades we are grateful to announce that my newest book “CARRYING GREATNESS” will be released on Tuesday, May 6, 2014! ORDER YOUR COPY TODAY on AMAZON!

This book had been brewing in me for years and it finally poured out and ready to be served. The book is 216 pages and fifteen chapters reminding all that we carry greatness. Divinity deposited His DNA in us and the Lord makes NO junk! You may not believe in God but GOD BELIEVES IN YOU!”

What are the odds but my maternal ancestor hand planted the iconic Cherry Blossoms to life with his team in early 1900’s. Ironically, it was my paternal ancestor (great-great-great grandfather) who was personal friends with President Abraham Lincoln and carried him across the street at his death on Good Friday, 1865. They both carried greatness and you do too!

One chapter “Cup of Joe” talks about the perseverance of Joseph in the Old Testament. He was living proof that you cannot keep a good man down! His brothers hated him and you can take away one’s coat or cloak but not the call of God from one’s life. The Lord delights in deadbeats and dead ends and His specialty includes using imperfect people for His glory. Another chapter “The Rolling Stones” talks about when David on the backside of the desert grabbed five smooth stones before facing Goliath. He didn’t bring four in case he missed but because the GIANT had four other brothers and he was willing to take them ALL out! David was the first with God’s help to pull a RAMBO! Perhaps, Rambo learned from young David. For most, those sitting scared on the sidelines thought, “David is too little and Goliath so big how can he win?” The mind of Christ and a champion in his heart told him by faith, “Goliath is so BIG and this stone so small how can I miss!” Wannabes cower but warriors conquer!

Other chapters include: “Carrying Greatness, Wearing Greatness, Sharing Greatness and Sparing Greatness.” My pastor, Rev. Marvin Harris lost four kids to a heart disease. If that were not horrible enough just last November his teenage grandson, Micah was thrown through the car windshield and died two days later. A month before the accident he bacame an organ donor and his sacrificial gift enabled FIVE adult strangers to live because opposed to burying greatness he shared it!

The chapter “Adoption > Abotion” is POWERFUL! Today, approximately 125,000 abortions occur every single day. Read that again! We can do so much better and it is sad when some groups are more concerned about “saving the whales” that they have turned a blind eye and deaf ear to protecting our unborn males and females! We find grace to those whom know firsthand the pain of an unwanted abortion and the Lord still today offers His grace for our guilt. However, we must curb the death toll for future abortions. The baby is a child not choice.

This past Winter Olympics (February 2014) as TEAM USA took on the Soviets my sister, Jaime called me crying to inform me that our family friend of a quarter century was killed in the line of duty fighting for freedom in Afghanistan. MSgt Aaron Torian was named “MARINE OF THE YEAR” and was the best of the best. He did SIX tours and left behind a wife and three small children. He was the godfather to my nephew and my brother in law’s best friend. When the U.S. Marines carried his American Flag draped casket at Arlington with full military honors I knew instantly they were “Carrying Greatness.” When the seven Marines shot three times each for the “21 gun salute” I knew they were respecting greatness. When the lone bugler playing “Taps” with tears streaming down his face like Niagra Falls I knew he was thinking of greatness and when the leader on bended knee presented our flag on bahalf of a grateful nation they were honoring greatness.

Truth be told, from the WOMB to the TOMB we all carry greatness! In life you can invest your gifts or waste them but you cannot do both. The book is released nation-wide on May 6 , 2014 and will be available online, ordered in bookstores or on our website for an autographed copy!  Watch book trailer video above and catch TBN appearance to right of homepage to see Pastor Frank Santora interviewing Frank Shelton about this powerful book! To God Be The Glory – Great Things HE Hath Done! Feel free to spread the word on TWITTER @FrankSheltonJr #CarryingGreatness


 “The first thing that is apparent about Frank Shelton is his passion for Christ. The second thing is that he really cares about people and wants us to understand the life-changing mysteries of the Kingdom of God. When a seemingly insignificant life is surrendered wholly to our great God, then the so-called impossible becomes a way of life. Welcome to the great adventure!”

      –  Sheila Walsh – Author “The Storm Inside”

“My friend Frank is a man on fire. He has one thing to say: Jesus Christ loves you no matter what. This book is an incredible reminder to those who have a relationship with Christ and an incredible informer to those seeking Christ that He made you already with Greatness. Greatness comes to light when we believe and obey what God tells us to do. I couldn’t think of a better person then Frank Shelton, Jr. to write about how we as humans were born with Greatness instilled in us. He is truly the most encouraging person that I have ever met. Frank is a gifted author, a phenomenal teacher and a voice of truth and encouragement that truly blesses my soul.”

–  Graham Antony Tchividjian – Young Entrepreneur & Dr. Billy Graham’s grandson

    “Frank Shelton has a rare and powerful gift of using words to inspire people to unearth their potential. If you have ever had the pleasure of hearing Frank speak as I have on several occasions (Dallas, TX, London, England and Brazil in 2016), you would know why you have to read his book,”Carrying Greatness.” Frank has the gift of encouragement and he has been such a blessing to me. I am always eager to hear what Frank has to say because his words bring hope and healing.”

        Joe DeLoach – USA Olympic gold medalist 200M

   “Evangelist Frank Shelton reminds us that Jesus, the creator of the universe, designed us! This book, Carrying Greatness is the message of hope for this generation and will inspire you to live for God; the One who’s very Essence is Greatness! He made you and you are special—remarkably and wonderfully made because Jesus uniquely designed you. Because of this, you can trust Him. This doesn’t mean that life isn’t hard and full of temptations and sins. But we have hope in Jesus. In moments of disappointment, we can still focus on the goodness of God. King David, who suffered much rejection as a young man, kept his focus on the goodness of God. He wrote, “I would have despaired unless I had believed that I would see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living.” Paul told the church in Rome that God has the power to use even the bad things in our life to bring about good in some way. “And we know that in all things,” he wrote, “God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose. God doesn’t want us to settle for secondary pleasures that take us away from the greatest pleasure discovered in Him. Jesus said, “I come to that you they may have life and have it more abundantly.”

–  Dave Sterrett, co-author – I Am Second

    “Frank Shelton, Jr has been motivational and inspirational in lives around the world for many years, including mine! He’s been living my motto: “Changing Lives to Change the World.” Frank and I have spoken together nearly a dozen times in five states and I have seen him in a variety of settings and he exudes Christ and class wherever he goes. He is the consummate people person and I asked him to write a foreword in my book “TRUST YOUR NEXT SHOT” along with Bill Cosby and Michael Jordan. I invited him as my personal guest to World Series Winner Albert Pujols banquet in St Louis and is a powerful preacher, dynamic communicator and also a great comedian. It is my belief that “laughter is a great medicine!” He totally lives ‘”carrying greatness” and I’m honored to serve on the Winning Team with him. He is my friend and a leader to all.”    

   – Meadowlark Lemon – Basketball Hall of Fame, Harlem Globetrotter & Goodwill Ambassador

 “Carrying Greatness” is not just motivational and inspirational it will arrest your heart! When I read Carrying Greatness, Sharing Greatness, Sparing Greatness and Wearing Greatness, I began to cry because the whole point of the book came into focus. The greatness God has placed inside every one of us is meant to impact the world and bring Him glory. It was then that I was struck with the responsibility and weight of the greatness we all carry. My prayer became God use all that is good in me to point others Lord to thee. Please forgive the rhyming prayer and let God speak to your heart as you read this book.

  –  Frank Santora – Pastor of “Faith Church” in CT & NYC, author “Turn It Around” & TBN host