Frank & Friends

Frank with Hannah Grace, 2006, Waldorf, MD

Frank w/ Marcus & Joni Lamb
Guest on DAYSTAR TV! Celebration TV Show
estimated 200 million watched program
Dallas, TX – June 2007

Frank w/ Pastor Joel Osteen
Washington, DC – Sept 2008

Frank & legendary Tony Nolan
Indianapolis, IN – June 2008

Frank & Family w/ Evangelist David Ring
Wheaton, Maryland

Frank & Dr. Johnny Hunt
SBC President – NC

FS w/ Mike Speck & Scott Smith
Indian Trail, NC – Mar 09

Anthony Evans, FS & Dr Tony Evans
Bahamas – 2009

Frank w/ Dr & Mrs Rick Scarborough
Nacogdoches, TX

Frank w/ Dr Ergun Caner
Louisville, KY

Frank, Ruth & Ernie Haase
Salisbury, MD

Frank w/ Nikita Koloff & Lex Luger
Praisefest Board Meeting – AL

Elvis & Rick Stanley

Frank & Grammy Winner MICHAEL ENGLISH
Praisefest Cruise – 2008

Frank & legendary ANDRAE CROUCH
Praisefest – 2008

Frank w/ legendary JASON CRABB
Praisefest – Bahamas 2008

Frank w/ Grammy Winner MARTHA MUNIZZI
Praisefest – Bahamas 2008

Frank w/ Jeff & Matthew Dunaway –
President/CEO of Praisefest

Frank w/ Nikita Koloff
“The Russian Nightmare”

Frank w/ Mike & Kelly Bowling
Praisefest – Bahamas 2008

Frank w/ former MAFIA Michael Franzese
now powerful evangelist & friend

Bahamas Kidz
The reason we went overseas

“Frankly Speaking”

Frank “LIVE” with Marla @ Praisefest Crusade
(Paula White was speaking to 23,000) – Bahamas

Frank on set w/ TCT “Rejoice”
Third largest Christian TV in world

Frank, Ruth & Nikita Koloff

Frank w/ Mark Hall
Celebrate Freedom! June 2007
Plano, Texas

Frank @ Cowboys QB Tony Romo Locker

Frank with Jeremy Camp
2006, Six Flags America

Frank w/ Josh McDowell, 2006

Frank w/ SONICFLOOd – 2006
PRAISEFEST Cruise, Bahmas

Bahamas 2007

Frank w/ Nicole C Mullen
“When I Call on Jesus….
ALL things are possible!”
PRAISEFEST – Cruise 2007

Frank & Ruth w/ Nikita Koloff
“The Russian Nightmare”
frmr Heavyweight Wrestling Champ of World

Frank & Ruth w/ DEMASKUS
Bahamas 2007

Frank & Ruth w/ Dave Edwards
Bahamas 2007

Frank w/ “SHORT-TEE”
Christian Hip-Hop Artist
Bahamas 2007

Frank & Ruth w/ Jeff Morris
Praisefest Crusade – 12,000 attended
Bahamas 2007

Frank w/ Jonathan Pierce, 2002
“Gaither Vocal Band”
Dunkirk, MD

Frank w/ Evangelist Tim Lee
One of “America’s Patriots”

Frank w/ Sam & Tara Glenn – 2006
Chicago, IL

Frank & Ruth, 2007, Dallas, TX

Frank w/ Dove Award Winner AYIESHA WOODS
Ayiesha sings “Happy” & “Big Enough”
Celebrate Jesus! TEXAS CRUSADE
Arlington, Texas

Frank & Victoria Osteen
Washington, DC – Sept 2008

Frank & Tony Nolan

Frank & Ruth @ TEXAS STADIUM
Home of the Dallas Cowboys
Irving, Texas – Future CJ Crusade site?

Evangelist David Ring reading Frank’s Book
Wheaton, Maryland

Frank w/ Evangelist Junior Hill
Indian Trail, NC – March 09

Frank & Grammy Winner Judy Jacobs
College Park, Maryland

Frank, Ruth & Meadowlark Lemon

Frank on TBN – JC-TV
Nassau, Bahamas

Frank w/ Building 429
Louisville, KY

Indianapolis, IN

Frank w/ Aaron & Amanda Crabb
Tuscaloosa, Alabama – Jan 09

Frank w/ Evangelist Rick Stanley
(Elvis Presley’s stepbrother)

Frank w/ Josh McDowell & Wayne Matthews
Praisefest – 2008

Frank & Grammy Winners MARY MARY
Praisefest – 2008

Frank w/ Natalie
Finalist in Talent Show – Bahamas

Praisefest – 2008

Frank & Jeff Morris
Praisefest 2008

Frank w/ Lex Luger
“The TOTAL Package”

Frank w/ Grammy Winner LARNELLE HARRIS
Praisefest – Bahamas 2008

Frank w/ Martin Houston & Crabb Family
Praisefest – Bahamas 2008

Frank w/ Hollywood Icon DANNY GLOVER
(LOOK OUT for Leathal Weapon V) – LOL

Frank “LIVE” on TRINITY BROADCAST NETWORK – Praisefest – Bahamas 2008

Frank “LIVE” on TV by Marla @ Crusade
Nassau, Bahamas

Frank & Nikita Koloff – Concord, NC
Former Wrestling Champ of World

Frank w/ Michael English
Celebrate Jesus! 2006
Waldorf, MD

Frank w/ Chuck Colson, 2007
Prison Fellowship Ministries
Asburn, VA

Frank w/ Dr. Ergin Caner
President – Liberty University

Frank & Ruth w/ Crabb Family
Bahamas – 2007

Frank w/ Ted Diabase
“The Million Dollar Man”
frmr Wrestling Champ of World
Bahamas 2007

Frank & Ruth w/ Nicole C Mullen
“My Redeemer Lives!”
Bahamas – 2007

Frank w/ David Phelps

Frank w/ Comedians Mark Christopher Lawrence
& Scott Wood
*Mark played in Will Smith movie
“Pursuit of Happyness”
Bahamas 2007

Frank & Ruth w/ Adam Crabb

Ruth & Jeff Morris
Bahamas 2007

Frank w/ John Rulapaugh & Berman – 2006
Palmetto State Quartet
White Plains, MD

Frank w/ Congressman Steny Hoyer
House Majority Leader – 2000
Annapolis, MD – Christmas Party

Frank & Michael English
“In Christ Alone”
Frederick, Maryland 2001

Frank w/ Sly Stallone
2005 on set of “ROCKY BALBLOA”
Las Vegas, NV (nearly 20 years to date)

Frank w/ Sly Stallone – age 13
Toe to Toe w/ biggest Action Star
in Hollywood History, Hollywood, CA

Frank with Jeremy Camp, WGTS 91.9 FM
2006, Six Flags America

Frank w/ Ruth & TAMMY TRENT
Tammy is “WOMEN OF FAITH” artist
Celebrate Jesus! II Crusade
Waldorf, Maryland – June 2007

Frank, Ruth & Michael English
Woodbridge, VA – July 2008

Frank, Tony Nolan & Eric Fuller

Frank & Ruth w/ Ayiesha Woods
& her bro Donny
Celebrate Jesus! Texas Crusade
Arlington Convention Center
July 1, 2007

Frank & Dr. David Ring
(one of Frank’s heroes)

Frank w/ Evangelist Bailey Smith

Frank w/ Joni Lamb
Co-Founder of DAYSTAR TV

Frank & Paula White
Praisefest 2009

FS w/ Mrs Joyce Rogers & Deb Gillepsie
Louisville, KY

Frank w/ Andy Williams – CASTING CROWNS
Atlanta, GA

Hannah w/ Boone & Josh

Frank w/ Dove Winner Buddy Mullins
(formerly with Gaither Vocal Band)

Frank & Family w/ Rick
Accokeek, Maryland

Frank & Ayiesha Woods
Praisefest – 2008

Frank & Josh of DECEMBERADIO
VIP check-in – Praisefest 2008

Praisefest – Bahamas 2008

Praisefest – 2008

Frank, Jeff Morris & Pastor Cedric
Praisefest – Bahamas 2008

Praisefest – Bahamas 2008

Frank w/ Larnelle Harris
Praisefest – 2008

Frank & Friends
Bahamas 2008

Frank on set of TBN/JCTV
Praisefest – Bahamas 2008

Frank on TCT “Rejoice”
(500 Million Viewers – Marion, IL)

Frank, Ruth, Nikita & Ronnie Townsend
Ministry Banquet – White Plains, MD

One of Frank’s Best Friends & CJ Artist
Stevie Prather – Gospel legend : )

Frank w/ Billy Graham’s grandson
William Franklin Graham IV, 2006
Solomons, Maryland

Frank w/ David Phelps – 2001
“Gaither Vocal Band”
Dunkirk, MD

Frank w/ Steve Borden (STING)
Heavyweight Wrestling Champ

Frank w/ Michael TAIT
PRAISEFEST Cruise, 2006
Bahamas – formerly dcTalk

Frank w/ Josh McDowell
Bahamas 2007

Frank & Ruth w/ Lex Luger
frmr Wrestling Champ of World
Bahamas 2007

Frank & Ruth w/ David Phelps
One of the greatest voices of all-time!
Bahamas 2007

Frank & Ruth w/ Jason Crabb
The Crabb Family
Praisefest 2007

Frank & Ruth w/ Dr. Mark Chironna
Trinity Broadcast Network minister
Bahamas 2007

Frank w/ Clay Crosse, 2001
“I Surrender ALL”
Dunkirk, MD

Frank w/ Ernie Haase/Signature Sound
“Oh, What A Savior!”

Frank w/ Jamey Ragle
“One of Best Speakers in America”
Praisefest 2007

Frank w/ Sylvester Stallone
Sept 13, 1985
MGM Studios, Hollywood, CA


About the Author:

Part author, comedian & visionary but FULL communicator of Biblical Truth, Frank Shelton travels the globe pointing people to a personal relationship with Jesus. He shares HUMOR, celebrity impressions and powerful life stories that Exalt the Savior, Encourage the Saints and Evangelizes the Sinner desiring to build God's Kingdom not his. Frank has a God given gift to "dial in" to those disconnected from God and hung up in life. He is an evangelist and encourager and ideal for students, singles and Sunday services speaking over 200 dates per year at various venues. Three times he has addressed audiences over 100,000 but just as content preaching in the country church but his passion is going after ONE more soul before its eternally too late.

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