Sorry for slight delay in posting. Just in last month and half I have been blessed to minister coast to coast and just returned this weekend from preaching in Caribbean with my dear friend and Grammy Winner, Michael English. We were honored to reunite with Gospel Cruise Fest and for the week we saw God save SIX HUNDRED and EIGHTY SEVEN souls! Can somebody say, AMEN!!

Salt and Light have always been a theme in my personal walk with God and the Old Testament concept was “Come and See” but the New Testament model is “Go and Tell.” The first two words of God’s name spell “Go” and we cannot be satisfied sitting on the sidelines but it is imperative we get in the game for God’s glory. In 2006, I wrote a book “CAREER vs CALLING?” A career you make a dollar but a calling you make a difference. One is a JOB and the other brings JOY but the fact is you can do both. Paul made tents and yet rocked the world for Christ. God is more interested in WHO we are then WHAT we do. The key is to see our person and position as a platform to worship God and glorify Him while helping others. In interim, when in doubt FAITH it out. Work on your testimony NOW more than daydreaming of your next title. The Bible says, “Whatever your hand finds to do DO IT for GOD’S GLORY.”  If you are a mechanic, change carburators for Christ. If you are a dentist do root canals for the Redeemer. If you are a greeter at Wal-Mart give HUGS on behalf of HEAVEN. Keep in mind, Jesus had a MARKET PLACE MINISTRY and spent more time in the streets sharing than synagogues. The real world is OUTSIDE and God quite possibly has you RIGHT where He wants you.

In my travels as of late, I have some nuggets to share and they are even sweeter than Chick-Fil-A. The first week of October, I was invited to fly to Los Angeles and attend the National Day of Prayer hosted by Dr. James Dopson’s wife, Shirley and a host of other prayer warriors. God blessed immensely and what a JOY to be with them. I was invited to attend their anointed conferences, pray over Hollywood and actors while touring the back lots of Warner Brothers Studios and watched an advanced screening of a powerful Christian movie in their personal theater. The three days event concluded with having dinner with the CEO of CBS on their gorgeous studio lot and what a treat for me to visit Hollywood Presbyterian Church. My dear friend and former Chaplain of United States Senate, Dr. Lloyd Ogilvie was pastor there in the past and I emailed him to share I was visiting his former stomping grounds. While visting the historic church and meeting some of their staff I was honored to meet various Hollywood insiders. Since childhood, I have always been intrigued with Hollywood and realized even in grade school that the two coasts tend to “feed” off each other particularly in entertainment and politics. Over the years, I have been blessed to minister to both camps from The Hill to Hollywood.

While at the luncheon in Los Angeles we met one individual in particular who is a Christian on staff as a writer on a very popular television sitcom. Hearing him share from his heart was worth the trip alone. I will never forget when he shared another respected Christian magazine BLASTED him and noted that according to their report that the television show which he was employed was in their estimate, “one of the worse, filthy and sensual shows on television.” They went further to borderline mock him for being employed with them and his response to us was priceless. He shared, “If I were not employed on the show on this set of Hollywood as a born again Christian I am certain that they would have been the worse.”

He noted, “many times I literally stuck my neck out and with my job in potential jeopardy begged them not to allow certain topics in the script. By taking a bold, Biblical stand he was able to help extract even worse content. Secondly, his next statement was equally as powerful. He shared, “If you throw two pieces of steak and on the street of one of our back lots and put salt on the right and nothing on the left what will happen? After a brief pause, he said, “They both will die but the steak that was salted will last a few days longer.” I will take his next statement to my grave, “I am called as a Christian to try to slow down the death process in Hollywood.” WOW!  As Christians, we are called to be SALT and LIGHT and we can never PENETRATE the darkness if we have not INFILTRATED the premises. We need to resemble Jesus more and judge less.

The Second Nugget is two days before leaving for the Bahamas on November 6, 2014, I was back at the White House. While ministering across the Country it is my privilege to attend the ocassional press briefings in the West Wing with either the President or his Press Secretary. It never gets old walking through the black ironed gates at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue heading up the circular drive on the North Lawn and then entering the James S. Brady Press Room in the West Wing just steps from the office that happens to be Oval.

Arriving early for the Press Briefing I was introduced to a gentleman and he has been employed with a major news outlet for 20 years and as we talked he shared that he was a Christian and attends Pastor Lon Solomon’s church at McLean Bible in Virginia. I was so encouraged and I smiled again because as always the Lord strategically has His children exactly where He wants them and we resemble pawns on His chess board. When I left the press conference it dawned on me that even in dark times we are called more than ever to be SALT and LIGHT and that includes from Wal-Mart to the White House. As I was leaving we said, “Good bye” and I look forward to reconnecting with him in the future and as I was exiting on the North Lawn I was asked to give a ten minute interview on a Christian radio show. I was peppered with questions pertaining to the recent election, predicaments the President is facing and the power of prayer. The Lord allowed me to be salt and light on the way out. You can listen to interview on homepage (Message of Month) and pray for our President and our Nation daily.  It is the greatest thing you can do for another is cover them in prayer.

While in the Bahamas last week, God moved in a powerful way. This was the second time I have been invited to preach with Gospel Cruise Fest and they are doing a wonderful job. My wife, Ruth’s birthday was this weekend and on the last night I asked Michael to sing “Happy Birthday” to her and that brother is an inspiration and a trophy of God’s great grace. While in Freeport, I ran into my dear friend, Derek Stubbs who lives in Grand Bahamas and we met several years before with me preaching multiple times with Praisefest “Cruise with a Cause.”

He introduced me to a policeman who just days before had the difficult task of being on the scene when Bishop Myles Munroe personal jet crashed into a crane on final approach before landing and burst into flames killing all nine onboard. The policeman was also an ordained minister and was still weeping from the loss of that Gospel giant. My prayers continue to go out to the Munroe Family, their ministry and the beautiful people of the Bahamas. He was more prominent than the Prime Minister and their nation is in a state of grieving. Please keep them in your prayers.

Next month, Ruth and I have been invited to return and take a private tour of “AIR FORCE ONE.” I’m so thankful to be able to bring my parents this time to see it up close and board the President’s palatial 747 while at Andrews AFB before he takes off for Christmas vacation. As a child the plane often flew over my home in Pinefield and I would look up at the sky and say a silent prayer whispering the words, “God with your help maybe one day I can get on that thing.” The Lord answered that prayer several times over and I was blessed to fly multiple times on AIR FORCE TWO (Boeing 757) and excited to board the flying White House again next month. Last year, I recall meeting one of the flight crew while aboard the world’s most famous aircraft and his smile was wider than the Mississppi and his heart bigger than the plane itself. It wasn’t long into our conversation that it was evident he was not ashamed to say he was a born again Christian and he was honored to serve God and Country. Plus, it was his calling to serve our Commander in Chief and Country. Even more impressive than the plane itself is that God ALWAYS has His kids in place so we can be SALT and LIGHT.

In closing, while serving as the Area Coordinator for MY HOPE with Billy Graham 2014, in the DC/MD/VA region I have met some precious people of all walks of life. One that really stands out is a retired minister who is 91 years old. He shared with me two weeks before Dr. Graham’s release of his latest sermon “Heaven” at age 96, that he also has a burden for friends without faith in Christ. This retired pastor lives in a retirement community in Fredericksburg, Virginia surrounded by over 200 residents and he told me with tears on the phone, “Frank, I am convinced many of them are not ready to meet God.” This precious pastor despite being retired from the payroll was on the ball more than ever and shared he was going to buy TWO HUNDRED of Dr Graham’s newest sermon on DVD and hand delivered them to every single person in that senior center. If that doesn’t light your fire than your wood is wet! I spoke with him again on phone today as I write this post and the retired reverend shared, “Frank, I am uncertain of the results of my efforts but success to me is being obedient to what God told me to do.” Forever, I will recall the passion in his voice and the image ingrained in my mind of this nearly century old minister climbing all four floors of his retirement community going door to door sharing the Gospel. He said, “God told me to do it and I knew He would give me the strength to carry it out.” WOW! What an inspiration and a picture of SALT and LIGHT.

The late, great Charles H. Spurgeon said it best, “Yes, I preach to thousands on Sunday but several thousand of my members preach Monday-Friday at their place of employment by the way they walk and talk.” Make no mistake – Ministry isn’t delegated to a select few but every single Christian is called to be Salt and Light. The world doesn’t need another STEEPLE but they are dying to see a PEOPLE sold out to Jesus and willing to share His love. Remember this, some preach and others teach but as kids of The King we are called and commanded to REACH. God called us to be SALT and LIGHT not sit and look. That my friend will preach and let’s get up and glow for God.