It was my privilege to return yesterday to the great First Baptist Church of Glenarden in Upper Marlboro, MD and worship the Lord. Dr John K Jenkins, senior pastor of the 11,000 member church is passionate about making dynamic disciples for JESUS. He is the brother-in-law to one of my best friends, Stevie Prather and the Lord is really using them both greatly for God’s glory.

One of the many attributes that I admire about Pastor Jenkins is that he loves to bless others. He is generous, godly and lives to give. It takes a big man to celebrate the gifts of others without feeling threatened and Pastor Jenkins is HUGE in my eyes. Pastor Jenkins is one gifted man of God and his ministry blesses countless folks around the globe and I love hearing him weekly on WAVA 105.1 FM. He is a great expositor and encourager and can FLAT OUT bring the heat!

One of my favorite preachers is also Dr Tony Evans and he was invited back to FBC Glendarden yesterday (Nov 27, 2011) and as always he lifted Jesus up and brought the house down. Over 100 folks went forward for salvation at the noon service alone and he preached 8AM & 10AM too. I first heard Dr Evans in person in the early 1990’s when he was keynote speaker to one million (not a typo) on The Mall in Washinton, DC at Promise Keepers. In 2008, he came with us on Praisefest “Cruise With a Cause” to Bahamas and I witnessed him speak to nearly 30,000 and God showed up.

Yesterday, Dr Tony Evans preached on one of my favorites topics and texts – Matthew 28 (The Great Commission). Dr Tony Evans is chaplain to both the Dallas Cowboys and Dallas Mavericks (no wonder the Mavs won it all last year in NBA and Dallas beats my Skins both times this year – prayer works)!

Dr Evans noted at every football game we find THREE teams. A home team, a visiting team and a team of officials. The officials may not be stronger or faster than the players but they have authority. The Bible says in Matthew 28:18 – “all power is given unto me in Heaven and in earth. GO ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost.”

Dr Evans noted the officials are not to take sides for either team. They find their allegiance to a higher authority located on Park Avenue in NYC. They work for the NFL commissioner and enforce his rules. Keep in mind we are in this world but not of it (that will preach). The officials are to enforce the rules not play or pick sides. Officials lose authority and credibility when they forget whom they represent. At times, officials can be distracted and tempted to hear the praise or criticism from the stands and on the field to compromise their reason for being on the field in the first place.

We are called to be Salt and Light in this dark world. As Christians we are called, compelled and commanded to grow and GO! FACT: 2/3 of God’s first name is GO and while some prefer to be out of commission the truth is The Great Commission is not a suggestion but a commandment. As believers we report to a Higher Authority and we also have a Commissioner and we find Him not in New York but high and lifted up seated at the right side of the Father in Heaven.

Being a Christian may bring you to Heaven but being a disciple brings Heaven to you. We are on the winning side and we must not squander our opportunity or forget our authority to preach, teach and reach people for Christ before its too late. A mature Christian is both growing and going to share the Good News. If you could care less if others repent and trust Christ as Savior you need not only a check up but a heart transplant! WORD UP: If you are “over the cross” you may not be under the blood.

Dr Evans also said fans don’t pay big bucks to see grown men “huddle” but to play. We don’t mind watching you gather in a circle for 30 seconds as long as you can execute the play assigned by the coach. BUCKLE UP: Satan doesn’t mind you going to church on Sunday as you “huddle” gather and commune for an hour or two but the moment you actually have the audacity to execute the game plan from God all Hell will break lose. Are you complacent or commited in your walk with God?

The Susan B Anthony is a Silver Dollar. Unfortunately, it lasted only one year in circulation and in 1978, was pulled from production. Why? It was worth a dollar but resembled the quarter. God has called us to be righteous not religious and if we don’t adhere or implement the Bible we are doing a dis-service to God and our fellow man. We have been bought with a price and we need to glorify God.

Dr Evans is much more eloquent than I but you can enjoy an excerpt of him preaching part of this message below at another event. My friend, Dr Johnny Pope told me years ago – “Don’t just keep the faith but share it.”

* NEWS FLASH: Check back next week to hear my 47 minute interview w/ Dr Billy Graham’s grandson, Will Graham