This past year has been a whirlwind and the older I get the faster life flies by. The one thing I don’t regret is serving Jesus early in my life. It was 30 years ago this July 2009 (at age seven) that I trusted Jesus as my Lord & Savior. Praise God, I have yet to get “over it.”

The clip above was a promo video that Dr Rick Scarborough’s church in Texas made for my visit this past August with their precious people. Brother Rick is one of my heroes and it was an honor and humbling to preach in his pulpit. He is also founder of VISION AMERICA.

After being bi-vocational in ministry for 17 years, while I worked on Capitol Hill in various capacities my passion was always people and preaching. It has now been two and a half years full-time completely living “by faith” since leaving the salary, benefits, health insurance, 401K, retirement, etc. This past year counting radio, tv, revivals, camps and speaking wherever God opened the door; I was blessed to preach over 200 times in one year. God gets the credit and I say this not to say “look at me” but in the wise words of Tony Nolan: GO GOD!

When I walked away two years ago, I didn’t have a single booking to speak or preach. When God said: “Go” I knew I had to be gone. We are thankful for the invites and open doors to preach and we are already filling up dates into Spring and Summer 2010. We pray daily for open doors and to go wherever, to whomever and whenever God leads. The greatest “high” in life is not alcohol but being used by the Almighty. Its not in crack but Christ, its not mariajuana but knowing the Master, its not playing with PCP but preaching on bahalf of the Prince of Peace. Its not in LSD but the Lord and not heroine but Him!

If you know of a church, camp, conference or concert that could use a glorified goof-ball for your next event – PRAYERFULLY remember my willingness to be a blessing to your church or group. My motto: “Have Bible – will travel.” Stacy at The Robinson Agency in Atlanta, GA helps with my bookings and her e-mail:

If you are free in February 12-15, 2010 – JOIN Dr Tony Evan’s son, ANTHONY EVANS and me as we minister together aboard the Royal Caribbean on a Christian Singles Cruise. All Christian Cruises invited Anthony to sing and I have been booked to speak four times leading all devotions on the ship. DON’T MISS THE BOAT and it would be an honor to sail the seas with you into the SON! For more info –

LOOK OUT next week for my post on “The Little Drummer Boy.” God doesn’t ask that we be the best but DO our best. Lessons we can all learn from this little lad. God bless & go with God.