Personal Pics

The Shelton Family

Frank & Ruth7

Frank & Ruth Reception

Frank & Ruth

Shelton Family

Frank & Ruth Engagement

Frank & Ruth – Valentines

Daddy & Hannah Grace

Ruth w/ The Blues Brothers – Chicago, Illinois

Frank & Justin – Crystal City, VA

Frank w/ Sharon Hinton-Smith
Fayetteville, NC

Frank & Ruth – Hollywood, CA

Frank & Ruth – Apollo 13
“The Right Stuff”

Ruth & Hannah Grace
At Home

Frank & Ruth w/ Ernie Haase
“Oh, What a Savior!” – MD

Frank w/ Paula White

Frank & Richard Shakarian
Pres. Full Gospel Business Men’s Intl

Frank & Mrs. Shakarian
Keynote @ FGBMFI Crystal City, VA

College Parkway Baptist – March 8, 2008

Frank’s parents (Frank & Sharon)
Backstage before sevice – 3.8.08

Stevie Prather w/ Michael
College Parkway Baptist REVIVAL

Frank & Michael English
Celebrate Jesus! Crusade – 2006

Ruth & Michael/Marcie English
Mar 10, 2008 – Opryland Hotel – Nash, TN Celebrate Jesus!

Billy Graham – Charlotte Civic Center
(ELVIS on marquee too)

Ruth & Stevie Prather
“ON AIR” – Talk of County Radio

Hannah & Noah

Frank & Marcus & Joni Lamb
DAYSTAR TV – Dallas, Texas

“May I be FRANK with you?”

The Shelton Family
Christmas 2007

Daddy & Hannah Grace

Frank’s Closet
“Never Quit!”

Frank & Ruth Engagement Pic
Lincoln Memorial – Washington, DC

Frank & Ruth w/ Evangelist Antonio Bolainez
Alexandria, Virginia

Ruth & Marcus & Joni Lamb
Celebration! DAYSTAR TV

Frank & Ruth – 2007

Frank & Dr. Johnny Hunt – pastor of FBC Woodstock, GA
(both are Gardner-Webb Univ. graduates)

Daddy & Hannah Grace

Frank & captain of POWER TEAM
First Baptist Church of Atlanta, GA

The Shelton Family – 2008
(Frank’s ancestor hand planted the Cherry Blossoms)

Ruth & Hannah

“My Fellow Americans”
Frank & Ruth – Reagan Library – CA

Frank & Dr. Beth
Atlanta, GA

Frank & Stacy Robinson
(handles all of Frank’s bookings)

Frank w/ Millie Richardson
(Frank’s first grade teacher)

Christ & His Cross
Jesus: The Greatest of ALL Time )

Frank & Ruth

Frank & Ruth Wedding

Frank & Ruth

Best Man – Sam Glenn and Tara Glenn

Frank & Ruth – Valentines

Frank & Ruth w/ Lynda Tait-Randle

Frank & Nikita Koloff (former Heavy Weight Champion of the World)

Frank & The Blues Bros – “On A Mission from God”

Frank w/ Temeka Thompson Family
Gospel Recording Artist – Arnold, MD

Frank w/ Pastor Earl & SHS – set of “It’s A Wonderful LIFE”

Frank & Ruth w/ Jennifer Stallone
Beverly Hills, CA (Sly’s wife)

Frank on RED Carpet

Frank & Ruth

Frank & Ruth w/ The Hoppers’
Gaither Homecoming Artists – MD

Frank w/ “Dr. Death”
Pro Wrestling Champ – LaBelle, FL

“Frankly Speaking”
Celebrate Jesus! Crusade – 2006

Frank, Ruth & Hannah w/ Michael English
FBC Accokeek – March 7, 2008

Frank & Michael English
CPB REVIVAL – March 8, 2008

Frank’s Mom, Sharon w/ Michael
Arnold, Maryland

Frank & Michael English
“In Christ Alone” – 2002

Frank presenting Michael English
w/ “ROCKY” boxing trunks @ Celebrate Jesus!

Billy Graham’s home/ Library
Charlotte, North Carolina

Frank & Terry Klein

Hannah w/ Elvis

Frank & Ruth w/ Tammy Trent
Celebrate Jesus! Crusade II – 2007

Frank & Chuck Colson
Prison Fellowship Ministries

Frank w/ “Wendy & Ken”
WDJC 93.7 FM – Birmingham, AL

Frank, Hannah & Sienna
(Hannah’s B-DAY)

Frank & “ROCKY” statue
Art Museum Steps- Philly, PA

“Friends Forever” – LaBelle, FL
Nathan Tasker, Carl & Heather Cartee & Billy Griffin

Ruth w/ Paul Crouch, Jr
Trinity Broadcast Network

The Shelton Family – 2007

Ruth & Mrs. Hopper

Frank w/ Dr. Danny Lovett & Evangelist Tim Lee
SOUTH-WIDE Pastor’s Conference – GA

Daddy & Hannah Grace

Frank & Nikita Koloff – Concorde, NC
frmr Heavyweight Wrestling Champ of World
(Yes, the left is pretty powerful)

Ruth & The Cherry Blossoms
U.S Senate Park – Washington, DC

Hannah & Ruth @ THE WHITE HOUSE
(Future Crib) Wash DC – 2020

Frank @ Oval Office
Carter Presdiential Library – Atlanta, GA

Frank & Dr. Beth – Atlanta, GA
LIVE on Dr. Beth TV Show

Frank & Angel
Asst. on Dr. Beth Show

Frank w/ Tommy & Rhonda Butler
Waldorf, MD

Frank w/ Wayne Johnson
UNDER COMMAND – Christian Rock

Jesus Lives & Coming Back!


About the Author:

Part author, comedian & visionary but FULL communicator of Biblical Truth, Frank Shelton travels the globe pointing people to a personal relationship with Jesus. He shares HUMOR, celebrity impressions and powerful life stories that Exalt the Savior, Encourage the Saints and Evangelizes the Sinner desiring to build God's Kingdom not his. Frank has a God given gift to "dial in" to those disconnected from God and hung up in life. He is an evangelist and encourager and ideal for students, singles and Sunday services speaking over 200 dates per year at various venues. Three times he has addressed audiences over 100,000 but just as content preaching in the country church but his passion is going after ONE more soul before its eternally too late.