Personal Pics

The Shelton Family

Frank & Ruth7

Frank & Ruth Reception

Frank & Ruth

Shelton Family

Frank & Ruth Engagement

Frank & Ruth – Valentines

Daddy & Hannah Grace

Ruth w/ The Blues Brothers – Chicago, Illinois

Frank & Justin – Crystal City, VA

Frank w/ Sharon Hinton-Smith
Fayetteville, NC

Frank & Ruth – Hollywood, CA

Frank & Ruth – Apollo 13
“The Right Stuff”

Ruth & Hannah Grace
At Home

Frank & Ruth w/ Ernie Haase
“Oh, What a Savior!” – MD

Frank w/ Paula White

Frank & Richard Shakarian
Pres. Full Gospel Business Men’s Intl

Frank & Mrs. Shakarian
Keynote @ FGBMFI Crystal City, VA

College Parkway Baptist – March 8, 2008

Frank’s parents (Frank & Sharon)
Backstage before sevice – 3.8.08

Stevie Prather w/ Michael
College Parkway Baptist REVIVAL

Frank & Michael English
Celebrate Jesus! Crusade – 2006

Ruth & Michael/Marcie English
Mar 10, 2008 – Opryland Hotel – Nash, TN Celebrate Jesus!

Billy Graham – Charlotte Civic Center
(ELVIS on marquee too)

Ruth & Stevie Prather
“ON AIR” – Talk of County Radio

Hannah & Noah

Frank & Marcus & Joni Lamb
DAYSTAR TV – Dallas, Texas

“May I be FRANK with you?”

The Shelton Family
Christmas 2007

Daddy & Hannah Grace

Frank’s Closet
“Never Quit!”

Frank & Ruth Engagement Pic
Lincoln Memorial – Washington, DC

Frank & Ruth w/ Evangelist Antonio Bolainez
Alexandria, Virginia

Ruth & Marcus & Joni Lamb
Celebration! DAYSTAR TV

Frank & Ruth – 2007

Frank & Dr. Johnny Hunt – pastor of FBC Woodstock, GA
(both are Gardner-Webb Univ. graduates)

Daddy & Hannah Grace

Frank & captain of POWER TEAM
First Baptist Church of Atlanta, GA

The Shelton Family – 2008
(Frank’s ancestor hand planted the Cherry Blossoms)

Ruth & Hannah

“My Fellow Americans”
Frank & Ruth – Reagan Library – CA

Frank & Dr. Beth
Atlanta, GA

Frank & Stacy Robinson
(handles all of Frank’s bookings)

Frank w/ Millie Richardson
(Frank’s first grade teacher)

Christ & His Cross
Jesus: The Greatest of ALL Time )

Frank & Ruth

Frank & Ruth Wedding

Frank & Ruth

Best Man – Sam Glenn and Tara Glenn

Frank & Ruth – Valentines

Frank & Ruth w/ Lynda Tait-Randle

Frank & Nikita Koloff (former Heavy Weight Champion of the World)

Frank & The Blues Bros – “On A Mission from God”

Frank w/ Temeka Thompson Family
Gospel Recording Artist – Arnold, MD

Frank w/ Pastor Earl & SHS – set of “It’s A Wonderful LIFE”

Frank & Ruth w/ Jennifer Stallone
Beverly Hills, CA (Sly’s wife)

Frank on RED Carpet

Frank & Ruth

Frank & Ruth w/ The Hoppers’
Gaither Homecoming Artists – MD

Frank w/ “Dr. Death”
Pro Wrestling Champ – LaBelle, FL

“Frankly Speaking”
Celebrate Jesus! Crusade – 2006

Frank, Ruth & Hannah w/ Michael English
FBC Accokeek – March 7, 2008

Frank & Michael English
CPB REVIVAL – March 8, 2008

Frank’s Mom, Sharon w/ Michael
Arnold, Maryland

Frank & Michael English
“In Christ Alone” – 2002

Frank presenting Michael English
w/ “ROCKY” boxing trunks @ Celebrate Jesus!

Billy Graham’s home/ Library
Charlotte, North Carolina

Frank & Terry Klein

Hannah w/ Elvis

Frank & Ruth w/ Tammy Trent
Celebrate Jesus! Crusade II – 2007

Frank & Chuck Colson
Prison Fellowship Ministries

Frank w/ “Wendy & Ken”
WDJC 93.7 FM – Birmingham, AL

Frank, Hannah & Sienna
(Hannah’s B-DAY)

Frank & “ROCKY” statue
Art Museum Steps- Philly, PA

“Friends Forever” – LaBelle, FL
Nathan Tasker, Carl & Heather Cartee & Billy Griffin

Ruth w/ Paul Crouch, Jr
Trinity Broadcast Network

The Shelton Family – 2007

Ruth & Mrs. Hopper

Frank w/ Dr. Danny Lovett & Evangelist Tim Lee
SOUTH-WIDE Pastor’s Conference – GA

Daddy & Hannah Grace

Frank & Nikita Koloff – Concorde, NC
frmr Heavyweight Wrestling Champ of World
(Yes, the left is pretty powerful)

Ruth & The Cherry Blossoms
U.S Senate Park – Washington, DC

Hannah & Ruth @ THE WHITE HOUSE
(Future Crib) Wash DC – 2020

Frank @ Oval Office
Carter Presdiential Library – Atlanta, GA

Frank & Dr. Beth – Atlanta, GA
LIVE on Dr. Beth TV Show

Frank & Angel
Asst. on Dr. Beth Show

Frank w/ Tommy & Rhonda Butler
Waldorf, MD

Frank w/ Wayne Johnson
UNDER COMMAND – Christian Rock

Jesus Lives & Coming Back!