Faith Advisory Meeting @ UNITED NATIONS

Last week, it was an honor to return and attend a meeting with the Ambassador of El Salvador at the United Nations. My dear friend, Madelyn Rodriguez is the Chairperson for the Faith Branch Advisory [...]


HONORED to be invited back on Capitol Hill to be part of a panel at the Department of Education and speak at a round table discussion with Faith Based leaders from Dept. Education, Commerce, Homeland [...]

Even “STARS” need the SON

My good friend, Dylan Novak is barely 20 years old and has one of the most inspiring ministries around. We have been buddies for a couple years now and chat frequently on what God is [...]

Inferno in El Salvador

Earlier this year, Ruth and I had the privilege to attend Pastor Rodney Howard Browne’s Winter Camp Meeting in Florida and it was an honor to preach daily in the morning for their incredible River [...]


What an honor it was to finally visit India! I was invited last year and the scheduling wasn't conducive and the Lord worked it out this year. India made the FIFTH continent that I have [...]


Most grateful this past week to return to Tampa, FL and minister on television and at the River Bible School. Nothing like promoting the Son in the Sunshine State! What a JOY to have Ruth [...]


What an honor to return the week after Christmas and fly back to Uganda, Africa! Check out pics and video on our Instagram page. So thankful for my dear friend, Pastor Chuck Balsamo for inviting [...]

Billy Graham turns 99!

This week the revered reverend, Dr. Billy Graham turned 99 years old and BGEA is celebrating all year as he turns the corner into living a century. Very few live to be one hundred and [...]

  • Frank & FRIENDS


Nearly 20 years ago, God gave me a vision at a dark time in my life and ministry. Ironically, it was "officially" starting and I had already been ministering since a child but while the ink [...]

Hacksaw Ridge – Souls at Stake

Since childhood, I have been a HUGE Mel Gibson fan. From Mad Max to Braveheart, The Patriot to four installments of "Lethal Weapon" and his masterful depiction of "The Passion of Christ" was Divine. Literally! [...]

“SULLY” & Souls

On opening weekend I was able to treat my family to see the new movie "SULLY" starring Tom Hanks. Captain Chesley Sullenberger is the pilot who courageously, miraculously and safely landed the plane on the [...]

Mark Batterson – Chase The Lion

        "frank & FRIENDS" - Pastor Mark Batterson @ NCC One of America's most respected pastors and prolific authors, Mark Batterson has a brand new book out - "CHASE THE [...]

Franklin Graham @ DECISION AMERICA

As long as I live I will never forget what God did with some committed Christians in the First State. Earlier this month, Franklin Graham's DECISION AMERICA TOUR bus rolled into town and GOD showed [...]

2016 Olympics in RIO

God > Gold   Thank you for all your prayers while in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil for the XXXI Olympiad. It was a treat to hold TWO Olympic gold medals and what an honor to return [...]


  MEET NICK:   This brother, Nick Hall has an amazing assignment from the Lord. Since youth, he has been telling anyone and everyone about the Lord. God opened incredible doors for him to speak [...]


  It has been three weeks and I am still digesting and processing what God did in our midst in Monroeville, Alabama. Some skeptics suggest revivals are obsolete, tents are outdated and evangelism is out [...]

I Got You Covered

                                      As a child, I recall being invited to attend the local theater and it was music [...]


Kenny and "Chopper" were two brothers. They were adopted and frequented the church I came to faith in JESUS as a child. They were African American and I was born into a middle class white [...]

#ByFaith TV Ministry

HARD TO BELIEVE but it will be eight years this summer that I stepped out "By Faith" on July 27, 2007 and left the benefits, prestige and salary of Capitol Hill to preach the Gospel [...]


  Sorry for slight delay in posting. Just in last month and half I have been blessed to minister coast to coast and just returned this weekend from preaching in Caribbean with my dear friend [...]

MY HOPE 2014 – Heaven

Two and a half months from now churches and Christians all across America will be able to share their faith with family, friends and complete strangers with the latest outreach from the Billy Graham Evangelistic [...]


For the past two months on my ministry e-letters and social media I have been reminding folks of the "SON OF GOD" movie that hits over 3,000 theaters nation-wide tomorrow on Friday, February 28, 2014! [...]


On New Year's Eve 2013 - New Year's Day 2014 it was my honor to be a small part of what God did BIG this past week at my friend, Dean Forrest annual BIG GOD [...]

Success = Slippery Slope

The gentleman above is Mr. Bobby Leach. He was the very first person to survive going over Niagra Falls in a barrel in 1911. With this white brother in a barrel perhaps that is where [...]

Eagle, Swan, Duck & Bird’s Eye View

The past 30 days have been AMAZING! Exactly one month ago (Sept 7, 2013), I had the privilege to minister at one of the Wash D.C. Metro largest mega churches for IGNITE youth event at [...]

…and a bag of “CHiPs”

Earlier this summer while speaking in Houston, TX I was able to connect with Hollywood actor and former "CHiPs" star, Erik Estrada. It is safe to say almost everyone loved "Ponch" back in the day. [...]


Jesus said: "You MUST be born again." It wasn't a suggestion but a statement from the only Savior known to mankind. The Scriptures note in Proverbs: "He that winneth souls is WISE." The Bible says [...]


Last year, while visiting California to tape a tv show at Trinity Broadcast Network studios (TBN) in Santa Ana I stopped by to visit the iconic Crystal Cathedral. Just weeks before, the legendary church called [...]

Presidential Prayer

Two weeks ago, I was in a whirl-wind tour of ministering in the Great State of Georgia. I love the South and the last time I was there instead of the trademark Georgia Peach someone [...]

Our Dissapointments = Divine Appointment

It is my honor to serve on the advisory board of Praisefest Ministries God has allowed me to preach on all FIVE of their cruises. We have been to Bahamas, Jamaica and now Haiti in [...]