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Frank’s Schedule

Sept 16-19, 2018

First Baptist REVIVAL

Smackover, ARKANSAS

Sept 21-23, 2018

Skycroft Conference Ctr

Middletown, MARYLAND

Sept 29 – Oct 2, 2018

Faith Baptist Fellowship

Cambridge, MARYLAND

October 7-8, 2018

REVIVE Assembly of God 

Collinsville, ILLINOIS

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Message of the Month

Even “STARS” need the SON

My good friend, Dylan Novak is barely 20 years old and has one of the most inspiring ministries around. We have been buddies for a couple years now and chat frequently on what God is [...]

Inferno in El Salvador

Earlier this year, Ruth and I had the privilege to attend Pastor Rodney Howard Browne’s Winter Camp Meeting in Florida and it was an honor to preach daily in the morning for their incredible River [...]


What an honor it was to finally visit India! I was invited last year and the scheduling wasn't conducive and the Lord worked it out this year. India made the FIFTH continent that I have [...]


Most grateful this past week to return to Tampa, FL and minister on television and at the River Bible School. Nothing like promoting the Son in the Sunshine State! What a JOY to have Ruth [...]


What an honor to return the week after Christmas and fly back to Uganda, Africa! Check out pics and video on our Instagram page. So thankful for my dear friend, Pastor Chuck Balsamo for inviting [...]

Billy Graham turns 99!

This week the revered reverend, Dr. Billy Graham turned 99 years old and BGEA is celebrating all year as he turns the corner into living a century. Very few live to be one hundred and [...]

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